Task Force To Examine Police Department

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(Holly Springs, MS) Crime brought Marcel Jojola to Mississippi, but beauty and hospitality kept him here.

”I went through beautiful Highway 4, came through this gorgeous little town called Holly Springs. I had lunch there, met the people, talked to them and said this is Norman Rockwell country.”

He was investigating an identify fraud case out of California, but eventually settled in Holly Springs, only to discover it had a bit of a crime problem itself.

This town has always had a revolving door when it came to officers and especially police chiefs.

The town’s new mayor wants that to stop.

”The makeover of the police department is a reflection of our whole program as it relates to the city,” said Holly Springs Mayor Kelvin Buck.

That is why he named Jojola, an Ole Miss professor, and a handful of others to the task force to study the Holly Springs Police Department.

One thing seems clear.

Both the mayor and the task force want to increase the police department’s visibility, and they say that means putting more officers on the streets to patrol.

The task force will review the department top-to-bottom and make recommendations to the mayor and aldermen on changes they hope will cut crime and improve Holly Springs.

”The crime element in our community is not much different from what it is in many places, but we’re a small town and certainly we think that we can get this under control,” Buck explained.

He says stopping the revolving door will help that, as well as putting officers where they’re needed, in neighborhoods.

Buck says that is why he wants citizens as Jojola to make the recommendations.

”I live here in Holly Springs. These are my neighbors, these are my friends and this is an investment back in my community,” said Jojola.

He says the task force wants more confidence in the police department, and less crime on the streets here.

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  • Victoryiah Jeffries

    Our biggest problems in holly springs are all the crooked policemen we’ve. Low down & dirty slick undercover wrong doing clowns. I’ll b so happy when they’re behind bars

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