Southaven Passes Smoking Ban Ordinance

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(Southaven, MS) Southaven passed a smoking ban ordinance 6-1 Tuesday.

Alderman George Payne, who also works for WREG, says there was a lot of good discussion about the ordinance.

They changed the distance smokers must be from a business entrance from 25 feet to 15 feet.

In a statement earlier this year, Mayor Darren Musselwhite said, “The number one most-expressed concern to me is the fact that our City has not adopted an ordinance to ban smoking in restaurants and other buildings. The people of Southaven expect and deserve to know my opinion about this issue.”

Musselwhite also said he believes the ordinance will help attract new businesses to town because, “Cities with a ‘healthier’ image have an advantage in attracting new business.”


  • Jim Britt

    Smoking is the most disgusting, filthy habit you can have and these DRUG ADDICTS have no right to expose us to their filthy smoke. I have the same right to carry a skunk into a public place as they do tobacco!

    Tobacco should be totally banned from public places and any parent that smokes around their kids (in home or car) should be arrested for child abuse and attempted murder and lose custody!

  • Nonya Bidness

    Southaven has their act together. Shouthaven is what Memphis would be if the politicans didn’t have to pander to ghettoites to stay in power.

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