Prosecutor: Girl Dared Brother To Shoot Her…And He Did

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(Memphis) A Memphis prosecutor said a 10-year-old girl dared her 13-year-old brother to shoot her, and he did.

The girl died after being shot in the head April 24.

The teen will be held by Juvenile Court until his case is heard.

He is charged with second degree murder, felony reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, and tampering or fabricating evidence.

Prosecutors say the boy hid the gun in the backyard so he wouldn't get in trouble, then put a screwdriver in the pool of blood pouring from his 10-year-old sister's head to throw off investigators and emergency responders.

But his lawyers argue he didn't know his rights when he told police what happened, and those statements should be tossed.

Defense Attorney Roger Gowen said, "The kid does not understand what's going to happen. When the kid does not know the consequences or can't really think about the future the way and adult does that makes a difference legally."

The boy was originally held so he could undergo a mental evaluation, but now the court is keeping him locked up. His lawyers say they expected that to happen.

Prosecutors say the boy knows how to use a gun, has a history of using guns, and planned to use it the day he shot his sister.

People who live near the kids say they were home alone and this isn’t the first time the 13-year-old fired a gun from his home.

Memphis Police told us they don’t yet know how the boy got the gun and paramedics didn’t even realize the girl had a gunshot wound until she got to the hospital.



    Are the parents beign charged in this case. I think at the age of 13 you know exactly you are doing but as an attorney I would have to do a mental evaluation.

    • Nonya Bidness

      What would you charge the parents with. They may not have known if the young thug had a gun. The neighbor says it isn’t the first time he fired a gun but did anyone call the police any of those other times? In the ghettos of Memphis 13 is old to be a hard core gangbanger.

      • Dr. JohnS

        Nonya, please do not forget that the boy has a mother that loves him very much. I do not know what happened or what circumstances were present when it happened. I just know the boy needs someone to love him. He is frightened and does not know what is happening. Please refrain from calling him a name for his mothers sake.

  • Bytemeagain

    Really? They’re blaming a dead 10 year old child for her own death?

    Ok, I dare the 13 year old boy to jump off the Hernando DeSoto bridge right now.

  • gary henderson

    I don’t know if it was parents gun ,but you have to keep those guns out of the hands of your children ,no matter how well you think you may have taught them about the dangers of guns. Make sure your guns are locked up airtight and the kids can’t get hold of them ,you read about this all the time and really sad situation .

  • 1midtownmike

    Sad to see what has become of Memphis.

    When municipal bonds return 30 cents on the dollar because the city filed bankruptcy due to Herenton’s racist political machine…….this is the tip of the iceberg.

    • Dr. JohnS

      It must be most difficult to hide behind a no name and call people names. Try to remember the boy has a mother who loves him and she is grieving for the daughter she lost.

  • Hard Truths

    This is the outcome of King Willie’s 30 years of power over the community. As both school superintendent and as mayor, he EMPOWERED this kind of savagery. He embraced, he loved it, he IS the epitome of what is wrong with Memphis.

    • Dr. JohnS

      It is sure good to know someone who personally knew Mr. Herenton and can speak so eloquently about what he was and what he tried to do. I knew him as a mayor but never had the privilege to know him personally as you do. I know it must be difficult to be a mayor and try to please everyone – I would think it would be impossible.

      But you speak so well of him and certainly seem to know what he loved and what he empowered.

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    John if you dare me to shoot you do you think I will? I won’t but I should but I have enough sense. That boy did but he didn’t care. They should shoot him. Let him feel the experience. So his mom loved him she probably loved her baby girl. Go be Dr Phill somewhere the Else.

    • Leavingheresoon

      Point being if he lied about that then I don’t doubt he’s lying about this.

  • thom9885

    It is so sad about what happen. I’m sure the Mom is terrified on losing both her children. This child should have had a mental evaluation long time ago. It just got out of hand and too late to try to raise him the right way. This should have been done when he was a baby. Now he has got out of hand and now he is in the system. Just pray for the family and maybe the outcome will be trying to get him some help.

  • Jazzie Henderson

    News Channel 3 I think you guys should do a better job of regulating comments. Maybe you all should consider closing down the comment section. Generally, the comments have nothing to do with the story and are always filled with so much hate. The comment sections reveal the hate, ignorance, and racism of this city. It’s down right sickening.

    • NCOWife2

      They won’t monitor anything and were quite rude to me when I complained. I was completely shocked when I moved back a little over a year ago and discovered how a so-called professional news organization would allow this to go on. I still have the rude and disgusting responses (emails) from this station that basically states that they are NOT going to monitor anything. Instead, I was told that if I don’t like what is being posted, I can just click on “Report Comment.” However, they rarely did anything about it. One poster had multiple accounts and each one use an offensive, name-calling moniker. News 3 indicated that they didn’t find it offensive.

      I have posted to my local news stations (several states) for years and have never experienced this kind of hostility or poor level of professionalism from the News stations ever. These people are WAY OFF BASE when it comes to proper commenting etiquette. I am seriously considering sending a snapshot of the comments on this site and the correspondence from News 3 to one of my friends out of state to be aired on a national level. Personally, I honestly believe that some of the race baiters and political attackers are employees of this station. Something needs to be done ASAP.

    • Mary

      Jazzie, I totally agree with you. We all have opinions about what happened but we really don’t know for sure. Yet, all the hate that pours out in these comments is sickening and the station should regulate this or take it down all together. Most of the time I don’t even read the comments for the very reasons you stated.

  • Concerned Mom

    Did anyone read the original story about this young man? He has a history … these are from the previous story:

    Court officials say police have previously arrested the teen for shoplifting and assault.

    WREG also uncovered this is the fourth time police responded to the family home in the past year.

    Neighbors say one time, he shot out car windows in the past.

  • Please Don't Kill My Vibe

    Memphis is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve had the pleasure of living in. I have raised four children there and even had my last two at the Med. It saddens me when I see people release their pent up rage in the comment sections on post like these.

    As many have stated, a child is dead, one is behind bars, and parents are mourning. Regardless of how hood and ratchet you may believe the parents to be…they are mourning. If they did not care, they would not have shown up to court after burying their daughter.

    True statement, it’s reckless that the child was able to get possession of a firearm; but it happened. Stop bashing the parenting. I mentor youth of several races and at one point or another, they all make bad choices. With all choices come consequences. Most of the children I mentor have parents that are amazing and supportive but at the end of the day, kids will be kids. The girl probably did dare her brother and being a child himself, he acted irrationally and pulled the trigger.

    Reality is a big pill to swallow. We have no idea of what happened before he shot her; what argument or altercation took place. We don’t even know about the family’s home environment. Seriously? Stop judging or trying to rationalize and start praying and come up wit solutions so that this won’t continue to happen.

    Past Mayor’s have nothing to do with this…Google his email address and rant in his inbox about your hatred for any person of color in an authoritative position in Shelby county.

    Killing the other child….so he could feel the pain? He’ll be dead. Another ignorant thoughtful remark. Read over what you write.

    One less felon factory and one off to NU. That ‘mother’ will have to pump out some more welfare tickets—I work for the state. You’re an idiot.

  • Terrie

    Oh please! Charge the little bstrd. as an adult or we’ll be reading about him shooting up a school in the years to come. IF the mother loved him like some of you said then the gun would not have been so easly available to him. Plus, his older brother shot the older sister several years ago. I’d like to know where those two are??

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