Voting Results: Malone To Challenge Luttrell For Shelby County Mayor

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(WREG-TV) These are the latest numbers provided by the Shelby County Election Commission.

Deidre Malone (D) will challenge incumbent Mark Luttrell (R) for Shelby County mayor.

District Attorney General Amy Weirich will face Joe Brown in the general election this August. Both were unopposed for the primary elections.


  • Hard Truths

    I’m a Democrat, but I’m gonna have to vote for some Republicans after tonight. There are offices in county government too important to fill with flaming wackadoodles.

    I sure wish some people could deal with the idea of non-racially unanimous tickets. There are good people on both sides, but we get to choose between some ghetto half-wit with name idea vs some Tea Party idiot.

    I would just vote Democratic party-line except that I HOPE certain Democratic nominees get defeated. They’re looney-tunes. Utterly unfit to hold public office. I feel disenfranchised by these lousy choices.

      • Hard Truths

        I know more about some of those clowns than the color of their skin.

        That is why I’m scared if they (Wanda Halbert, for example) get elected.

        As for playing the race card, you’re new to the game, CHUMP.

  • American

    Hard Truth maybe you can tell what the Tea Party stands for and why you call them idiots?
    Then explain how you can be a Democrat when your Party leader, Obama, makes racist remarks on behalf of your vote. Like the Republicans can come along but they must ride in the back of the bus. He degrades Christians with comments like “bitter little people clinging to their guns and religion. He sits in a racist church where the rev Wright makes statements like “G.d D,,n America. A President who lies thru his teeth like you can keep your doctor. Ambassador was murdered because of a video and I can list a full page of his lies. Why your vote went to a man who hangs an ornament of Chairman Mao on the WH Christmas tree. Whose every associate is either a member or associate of communists, like Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Frank Davis, Vernon Jarrett, David Axelrod, Anita Dunn and again I cna list numerous others. A president who states he is a Christian but whose wedding ring has in Arabic “there is no god but allah” Then tell us again who the idiot is.

    • areyousure

      “American?” Get over your hatred. Bush/Cheney lied and people died and are still dying or living with permanent injuries from that alleged WMD lie. Bush implemented NSA to spy on Americans under the guise of bogus protection. The Republicans favor letting the children, elderly and the poor die rather than have health insurance. The GOP opposes minimum wage increases so people have enough to eat to stay off government assistance. Welcome to the tea party South whose rabid fears over guns, abortions,and gays buy into Republican spin specifically designed to enrage southern voters and garner their support for a plutocracy! Already our tilted Supreme Court is allowing corporations to gain a lead in ‘buying’ candidates based on contributions. If you aren’t wealthy you guys are supporting your own demise. When the GOP finally succeeds in destroying your voice in government and the courts they won’t need to cater to the likes of you. People that support the tea party will wonder what went wrong and will end up blaming Democrats and Obama, playing the race card, as usual.

  • Aha!

    So happy Martavious Jones lost. Just think, he threw away the City Schools charter. He might have thrown away the charter for Shelby county had he been sitting on the county commission.

    Malone. What a joke.

    Henri Jones. What a joke.

    Walter Bailey. What a joke.

    Wanda Halbert. What a joke.

    • Hard Truths

      Deirdre Malone and Walter Bailey are OK.

      Henri Brooks and Wanda Halbert are utter JOKES.


      You cannot put semi-literate racists (Brooks) in a position where voluminous and precise record-keeping is necessary.

      If they get elected, they’ll last about as long as our previous General Sessions Court Clerk. What was his name?

      Again, an UTTERLY UNFIT person for that office.

  • areyousure

    Well, shoot self in foot again dimwitted Democrats. Everyone knows Malone can’t beat Luttrell for County Mayor. Now Mulroy might have given Luttrell a run for his money. It was shortsighted of Democrats that they can’t see the forest for trees in this race. Malone was heavily endorsed by CA, and she may be good, for example, but the truth is Luttrell supporters will be happy to see Malone on the ticket.
    She hasn’t a prayer.

    • Hard Truths

      True. I doubt that she will do as well as Joe Ford last time.

      I really wish the Democratic super-majority would let a white person be the candidate once in a while, especially when (Mulroy) was FAR AND AWAY the best qualified. And the only one who could have won.

  • MemphisDad

    Joe Brown is a senile old loon. We can’t afford his incompetence in such an important position.

    • Hard Truths

      The Joe Brown who’s on City Council IS a senile old loon. But what did he win? Is his name listed up there?

      I really don’t like it when courthouse jobs — clerkships — fall into the hands of unqualified people who have no qualifications except name ID and a hankering for those $100K/yr salaries.
      Those jobs entail SERIOUS legal responsibilities, and we MUST not elect un-serious people to those jobs.

      They lost the file? Oh, that’s a mistake. So sorry. Records vanished.

      Criticize ME, an ELECTED OFFICIAL, for being so incompetent (or worse?)

      Why, YOU RACIST !!!

      RE-ELECTED !!!!

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