Non-Profit Gives Free Belts To Teens Wearing Saggy Pants

(Memphis) Two Memphis men are making it their mission to get kids to pull their pants up.

The founders of New Chapter Ministries are going school to school, holding up signs and handing out belts.

They were at Northside High School Tuesday.

Not all teenagers want to have an adult tell them to pull their pants up, but New Chapter Ministries says it’s trying to get them to make a change with a bit laughter and fun.

“Pull ‘em up! Pull ‘em up!” chanted Marcus McCrary.

McCrary says he believes a belt is not just an accessory, but a necessity.

“You can’t date my daughter with your pants down like that. No buddy!”

He feels so strongly about this, he’s willing to hold his sign at schools all around Memphis and hand out free belts, which he pays for with his own money.

“Pull your pants up. You will feel so much better.”

The co-founder of his non-profit feels the same way.

“This trend of having you pants sagging and your rear-end hanging out is really disgusting and offensive and someone has to step-in to say ‘stop,'” said Garwyne Jones.

They even wrote a song about it.

“Pull your pants up. That’s what belts are made for. That’s what belts are made for. Pull your pants up,” McCrary sang.

They took this anthem to Hickory Hill Tuesday morning, and to Northside High in the afternoon.

“I’ve got a belt for you right here,” McCrary said to a student.

“No, I’m straight,” the teen replied.

They say most teens aren’t that receptive to the message.

Guilty teens didn’t want to talk about the trend with News Channel 3, and one went out of his way to show us what he could do wearing baggy pants – he did the worm down the sidewalk.

McCrary says ‘the worm’ won’t get these kids a job in the future, so he’s going to continue pushing to get them strapped in.

“We are going to get them one at a time and somebody is going to get the message.”

The men say they are taking their message to from the streets to the stage on May 17, with a musical tour called the Pull Your Pants Up Tour. They will be going from school to school with their musical numbers.

They say they need donations of belts so they can keep doing what they’re doing.

If you would like to help, call Garwyne Jones at 901-833-6676 or Marcus McCrary at 901-505-7379.


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