Multiple Resignations Surprise Holly Springs Aldermen

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(Holly Springs, MS) When three people resign from city government in a small town like Holly Springs, word gets around.

”It makes you wonder as to what is going on and it does make you raise an eyebrow,” said Jerri Moore of Holly Springs.

Three people resigned from municipal jobs at a recent meeting of the town’s board of aldermen.

One came from the city clerk’s office, another from a job's program, and the third from the road department.

”These were not directors, but they were very important parts of our program and they brought a lot to the table,” explained Mayor Kelvin Buck, who said he is sad to see them go, but remains confident he can find experienced replacements.

The mayor called the timing of the resignations coincidental and said it won’t affect the services citizens receive.

Buck says all three resigned to take better jobs, working for one of the many companies that recently located here.

Buck said it's a good sign for Holly Springs.

”Government should not be the primary source for employment in the town. When that happens it means you’re not getting the kind of economic activity you want from the private sector."

He said none of the three had any problems, and in their resignation letters, said how much they enjoyed working for the city.

That makes citizens here feel a little better about what happened.