Tornado Relief Supplies From Olive Branch YMCA Arrive In Tupelo

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(Tupelo, MS) Two trailers full of supplies arrived in Tupelo Monday to help tornado victims, thanks to you.

After folks heard they could drop off donations at the Olive Branch YMCA, organizers had to get a second truck just to handle the outpouring of support.

When the call went out for donations of disaster supplies for tornado victims in Tupelo,
people like Dan Grady of Olive Branch stepped up and gave to help.

"Some shoes, some canned goods, some toilet paper, some paper towels," Grady said.

The outpouring was so great it took two 18-wheeler trailers to hold food, household supplies, and clothing.

Monday morning, volunteers hit the road to Tupelo to drop donations off.

As a show of support, the truck and trailers, which were donated by Southeastern Freight Line, received a police escort to the Olive Branch city limits.

"Help them get out-of-town a little more efficiently and show our support for the great things they're doing," said Olive Branch Police Major Tim Presley.

Within two hours, the trailers were being unloaded in Tupelo.

"This is the United Way. It's kind of the Emergency Management's warehouse to handle all this," said Michael Beamon, donation drive organizer.

Beamon, along with YMCA volunteers, unloaded one trailer holding food and water  which will be distributed from the United Way facility.

Items in the other trailer will be handed out by local faith-based relief groups.

"We're taking the clothing and other household items up to an organization called Helping Hands-Helping Homeless, which normally serves the poor in the area and people who are in poverty. Most of these items, right now though, are going to go to affected victims of the tornado," said Sam Garner, Youth Minister at Lee Acres Church of Christ in Tupelo.

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