Mom Gets ‘Goodbye’ Text From Son Killed In Tornado

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(Vilonia, AR) Regina Wood hoped the text message she received from her son was an exaggeration but something told her it wasn’t.

“He knew how bad it was, these say it’s going to be a direct hit,” said Wood.

She told KARK-TV she was watching coverage of the EF-4 tornado as it inched closer and closer to her son.

“I have a text on my phone as the tornado was hitting “Goodbye mama,” says Wood.

Her son, Jeffrey Hunter, was hiding in a bathroom when he sent those texts.

Minutes later, Hunter was found unconscious by a neighbor on Clover Ridge Drive.

A total of 15 people were killed in Vilonia.

Jeffrey Hunter was a senior at UCA. He was with his father and stepmother when the tornado hit. They were seriously injured.


  • Nonya Bidness

    Obviously Jeff’s mom played a huge role in his life. She was probably the reason he was in college. When the chips were down, Jeff talked to his mom. This is a testament to Jeff’s Mom, good job Regina!

    What if all mom’s had a relationship like this with their sons? …………

  • 1midtownmike

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  • Jim

    It’s pretty much caring with this story and there is nothing wrong with that. Actually there is so less of that now a days. Speaking as a 62 year old dude, a lot more of caring needs to happen. May all get help from somewhere.

    • tojer72

      I’m your fan, keep up the excellent work, because this is the only way they get to feel superior. Cowards.

    • Robin Seratt

      My stomach turned just listening to what those evil white trash did to those young men! Hate has no color! I’m white & do not feel better than the next man or woman. I think many good people care! We have to stepup & be role models for our children! No one is born racist! I was born in 1965, I’ve seen changes… one thing that hasn’t is the high death rate of young black males! Keep the faith & know you have people of all races that believe in your fight! Robin

  • For Real

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  • For Real

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