Man Admits To Stabbing Mom To Death, Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

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(Memphis) William Walsh admitted he killed his mother by stabbing her to death and was sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole.

Police say Walsh stabbed his mother in her head and face after she confronted him about making too much noise in the house in April 2012.

Elaine Walsh’s husband found her dead on the living room sofa.

William Walsh told his father, “He had killed someone.”

Elaine Walsh was an administrator’s assistant at the University of Memphis.


  • For Real

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  • whitesavagesdevils

    See how classless your white commentators are? Always making excuses for white depravity and blaming others. Even this white lady didn’t. Deserveto be killed by her own son. CCondolences

  • yuri mali

    wow im suprised they posted a pic….what is the world coming too..even white people are committing crimes…everybody knows they are angels

  • CrisWilliamsWearsOldLadiesUnderwear

    Totally agree, Cris. The 10 year old black girl didn’t deserve to be killed by her 13 y/o black brother either.

  • Mem Pride

    This may could have been avoid if White people would seek out help for mental illness. Too many Whites dont believe in mental health services unless their love one is talking out loud to themselves. Many of these children are not gettng the help they need mentally nor their parents. Very sad situation all way around.

    • just me

      I was not being a racist. I was stating a known fact thats in writing and what I have witnessed as a black person. So what your not educated enough to understand my comment that your problem not mine.

  • tojer72

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  • For Real

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  • For Real

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  • Dr. JohnS

    I find it interesting that some kindergarten students are reading the news here and posting. I think that is great they are taking part. Remember, racism and bigotry is a condition of the heart. An ability to see past one thing to get to know the person. I have noticed that when I look a person in the eye and talk to them, I never see what color they are.

  • Bill

    Dr JohnS,

    If they’re in Kindergarten in Memphis they can’t read. If they’re MCS Graduates, they can’t read. Your Poetry just needs a little tweeking and it’ll set the mood for some Kumbaya.

  • For Real

    Yeah John S, you may not
    Know it but this is Memphis you’re talking about. MCS kids can’t read but they know how to pull a trigger. Go back to your medical world. New flash John S saves Memphis. Vote him in as Mayor.

  • ChrisWilliamslikeslittleboysunderwear

    Where has Chris Williams been? He must be under a new name so he can spy.

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