Former Pastor Charged With Sexual Assault

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(WREG-TV) A former pastor was arrested in Covington, Tenn., Monday for several charges, including sexual assault.

Larry Michael Berkley is charged with first-degree sexual assault, five counts of second-degree sexual assault, three counts of knowingly furnishing alcohol to a minor, three counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor, sexual solicitation, and two counts of loaning pornography to a minor.

He was arrested on a warrant out of Boone, Ark.

In March, former COGIC pastor Michael Bryant pleaded guilty to molesting an underage family member for the past two years and was sentenced to six years in prison as part of a plea deal.

In November, a former North Mississippi pastor was sentenced to 30 years in prison plus a $51,000 fine for sexual battery of a minor.


  • For Real

    I can’t believe y’all would say that. I don’t feel sorry for you but you are an idiot. It’s great though you don’t have to answer to me.

  • Dr. JohnS

    Not one of the posts had anything to say about the young lives destroyed by this man. I weep because our children cannot continue to lead a life of a child, taken from them by some monster in their room

    • Jessie Pinkman

      Hey Doc, just because we don’t bother to type it out doesn’t mean we don’t have empathy for the victims.

      Adults believing in fairy tales has led to most of the problems in the world and needs to be addressed.

    • Hard Truths


      Pastors, like cops, are drawn to opportunities to abuse their authority.

      Is that a generalization? YES.

      Is it true often enough to stick with that expectation with great confidence? ALSO YES.

      When we live in an authoritarian, especially a RELIGIOUS authoritarian — ie, a theocratic, culture — then the tendency to abuse is amplified and multiplied.

      On such a foul sea are we now afloat. Memphis and the Mid-South truly need some religious deprogramming. Religious authority leads directly to religious ABUSE of authority.

      • harleyridin

        yes, but no one comes even close to politicians as far as abuse is concerned. I’ll take the pastor over the politician any day!

      • Joe Bo

        You should visit the Middle East, gurantee it would alter your way of thinking about our society.

    • Anonymous

      So god gave it to us, and we will be punished for it? I doubt that the lack of logic in your statement will be recognized, even when pointed out to you.

      Mysterious ways indeed!

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