Business Planning To Come Back After Massive Fire

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(Memphis) Clean-up began Monday morning after a fire destroyed a business on South Highland Sunday afternoon.

Shovel in hand and brick after brick, a city worker cleaned up the mess the fire left behind.

Three firefighters were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

While fire crews returned to the scene to figure out what caused the fire, Janice Mall marched down South Highland Street looking for answers of her own.

"I just came to see if the owner was up here so that maybe I could talk to him about an alternative to getting our t-shirts for our family reunion, because we paid him on April the 29," Mull said.

Mull told us she thought, "Oh Lord, our t-shirts," when she saw the flames.

Mull, in charge of her family reunion, may be able to put her worries aside.

According to the company's website, it still plans to fill its orders despite its shop being leveled.

"Oh thank you Lord," Mull exclaimed. "Thank you Lord."

With the help of other companies, and a little patience from customers, Signatures X printing company hopes it can rise from the ashes.

While the company is down, workers said they are not out.

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While the phones are down, customers can reach management by the following e-mail addresses:

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Brandon Edwards =
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