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Burglars Hit Carver High School

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(Memphis) Two people are in jail, accused of breaking into Carver High School.

Police tell us that the burglars were trying to steal laptops.

Ephee Burnett is charged with the crime, and so is his 17-year-old accomplice.

Police say the two burglars climbed into Carver High School through a broken window and tried to steal as many laptops as they could.

The burglary set off an alarm that tipped off police, but when officers got there, witnesses say they had a heck of a time trying to catch the criminals.

“They said somebody was in the school - that they were still in the school,” said Etta Sutton, who lives across the street from the school.

Police say they chased Burnett and his 17-year-old accomplice through the halls of the high school.

When officers finally caught them, they say they had a duffel bag full of laptops and were armed with a hammer, screwdriver and a large rock.

The president of Carver's student body says the criminals also stole some cash.

The high school's seniors had been saving up for senior week and prom, and say their savings were stolen from an office safe.

Burnett, one of the accused burglars, lives just down the street from the school.

“Is that your son?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes,” said Burnett’s father at his door.

His father says the 18-year-old is a former Carver student.

Shelby County Schools won't say if the juvenile suspect is a student there or not, but despite the break-in and arrests, the principal of Carver High says she doesn't want to talk about it and instead wants to focus on the positive.

“We have been testing since last week,” she said.

She says students at Carver have been working hard to pass their State exams.

Police were able to recover $900 worth of stolen laptops, but the student body president says their savings that were in the safe are still missing.


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