Bystanders Save Police Officer From Man Accused Of Trying To Kill Her

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(Memphis) A police officer is safe after an attack on her life.

The man accused of trying to kill the officer in broad daylight is behind bars.

It happened Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Madison and Cleveland.

“I heard the sirens,” said witness Wadah Edhah.

Police say a patrolling officer drove up to Alphonzo Johnson to question him while he was walking down the street.

Johnson reportedly reached into the officer's squad car, grabbed her by the neck and started choking her.

“He just didn’t have respect for the law,” said John Traylor.

Police say the attack on the officer didn’t end there.

They told us Johnson grabbed the officer’s gun as it was holstered on her hip.

She tried to fight Johnson off as he threatened to use her gun and kill her.

“He's totally deranged, that’s somebody they need to catch,” said Traylor.

The officer's holster unsnapped, but thankfully Johnson never wiggled the gun free.

Witnesses in the area tackled Johnson to the ground.

They held him down until other officers came for back up.

Those witnesses protected the woman sworn to serve and protect them.

“I seen a hat rolling down the street, I figured they tackled somebody,” said Ehdah.

That's when Snappy Mart owner, Wadah Edhah, came out of his store to see what was going on.

“Before you know it, both intersections were full of police," said Edhah. “If it wasn’t for the bystanders she wouldn't have made it."

Some, like John Traylor, said if the attack could happen to an officer, it can to anyone.

“The city is not safe,” said Traylor.

But the heroism of many makes him feel just a little safer, “Someone can go home and rest easy they got one more criminal off the streets."

Johnson faces attempted first degree murder,  his bond is set at $200,000.

He has been in trouble in the past for several aggravated burglaries.


    • imskeptical

      Yes! Memphis folks should be proud of these guys who acted immediately and saved that officer’s life. They deserve an award and official recognition.

      • Terry

        Thank you Bystanders for being brave enough to help her! We need more like you!!
        Hopefully THIS TIME the punk will be in jail for a long time!

  • Ricky

    He said it……. “this city is not safe.” Hey….. anyone for Raleigh Springs mall renovations?

  • For Real

    Ricky, it will be a waste of money. It was once a good mall but the area is horrible. Who ever thought of the idea should be fired.

  • Bravo

    Now that’s what I like to hear, Memphians doing the right thing. Maybe we will become the city we were meant to be with more citizens like the heroic ones who did the right thing here. I just wish that the police could have administered a little “blue justice” to that fool on the way to 201 Poplar. There are too many of these types walking the streets of our once great city, making it a horrible place to live.

  • imskeptical

    It’s not just Memphis. There are too many of the criminally insane walking around everywhere.

  • Unknown

    Hey Brandon I know that female cop and she’s one of the best out there. Why don’t watch what you say

  • For Real

    It doesn’t matter how awesome she is, that didn’t do her a bit of good today. Luckily she made it thru it. Sounds like the women need partners.

    • LS

      I know it can happen to any officer, but it seems like she may need to wait for assistance. I’m glad that the citizens stepped up and helped her.

  • For Real

    It doesn’t matter how awesome she is, that didn’t do her a bit of good today. Luckily she made it thru it. Sounds like the women need partners. It’s Mazing even the ones supposably raised right still acts like
    an idiot. More of that Dwmocrat on Democrat crime.

  • timm

    todays thug culture requires that a thug have at least ONE case of resisting a police officer,, but they get even MORE “street cred” for a charge of assaulting a police officer,, he will get PLENTY of street cred for attempted murder of a police officer! as far as a little “blue justice”,, you can bet that her fellow cops gave him a little dose of it once they got him out of the public eye.. too many of these hate-filled violent creatures on the streets nowdays,,,

  • not sure

    I know the jailers gave him a warm reception at intake. It was baton training and he was the dummy.

  • Problematic

    I wonder why no one on here is pointing of that this man possibly has some type of mental illness. Not even the typical memphis thug would attack an officer for no apparent reason.

  • RAWR I'm Hungry

    $200k bond???? Amy Weirich (DA) needs to be thrown out of office. Are you kidding me… you say you have a family with kids yet you let these thugs beat police officers and then give them a bond to where their “family” puts up $20k in drug money to get the thug out. GET OUT OF THIS CITY YOU WORTHLESS PERSON! Minimum should be $5mil bond, MINIMUM!

  • Nonya Bidness

    Even the police are victims of the revolving door that is passing for a criminal justice system in Shelby County. Where is Amy when an officer is almost murdered? This THUG should have been in prison long before he had the chance to try to kill a cop.

    He’ll be out on the street soon enough! And the people that assisted in his arrest will be at the top of his list to pay a visit to. They should have stayed indoors.

    • Corp Holding

      I glad I was there to help! I will never stay indoors, cause soon they will come in. If the police need my help I’m helping every chance i get; people with this frame of mind are not helping the city!

      • Nonya Bidness

        I don’t want to help the city, I want to see it burn! I have my fiddle in hand!

  • NothingToSeeHere

    Hey folks, Mayor “Double Pension” Wharton says that Memphis is safe, move along…

  • kay

    That could have happened to anyone, man or female, of course, I do believe females are an easier target, sorry, they are. Thugs know it.
    hope she is ok and the guy stays in jail for awhile. Male officers have had their weapons taken before so everyone needs to stay on alert.
    Thugs will kill you. Thanks MPD for what you do daily. We appreciate you guys and girls.

  • Kelly

    It seems on every crime story I read, the criminal has been in trouble in the past and then let out. If they are a habitual offender dont keep letting them out. Evidently they are not ever going to change.

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