Robber Tried to Rape Juvenile Girl in Home Invasion

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(Memphis) A Hickory Hill family is recovering tonight after being held hostage in their own home for 7 hours. Police say two men kicked down their door in the middle of the night, robbed them and tried to rape their young daughter.

Neighbors say a TACT team ordered everyone to evacuate their homes from Golden Park Drive as they worked to rescue the family.

“They closed that street, and that street, and that street,” pointed Josue Hernandez.

Neighbor Josue Hernandez snapped pictures of police cars lining the street and took video of a TACT team officer climbing into the second story window of this house to rescue the family inside, "Through that window over there  with a ladder."

Police say six family members were sleeping in the home after midnight Friday morning when at least two men kicked down their door to rob them. Police say Xzavier Mckissack and Edric Howard ransacked their Hickory Hill house, stealing flat screen TVs and a Play Station but what's so much more troubling is that police say Mckissack turned this aggravated robbery into an attempted rape. Police say he went into a young girl's bedroom with a gun and pulled out his genitals and demanded sex from the juvenile girl.

“Disgusting,” said Hernandez.

The family somehow got themselves piled into one room to hide. A TACT team officer climbed up a ladder and into their window to pull all five of them out. In the meantime, Mckissak and Howard were captured down the street.

“These folks actually came and picked me up,” said “Phil”, who also lives on Garden Park Drive.

“Phil” says he was walking down the street when police picked him up too thinking he was involved in the crime.

“So they took you to the police station?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes. They had me handcuffed for no reason,” He said.

After questioning him, they let him go but Mckissack and Howard are locked up, charged with aggravated and burglary robbery. Mckissack has also been charged with aggravated attempted rape.

Neighbors say the juvenile girl who was attacked is in the hospital recovering from wounds to her head after being hit with a gun.

Mckissack and Howard are being held in jail both on a $300,000 bond.


    • Julius Jones

      You’re right, Hank. As violent and as crime infested as Memphis, you’re a sitting duck without a weapon.

      Regardless of gun laws, criminals will always have their weapons. They don’t obey any laws, … why would one think they will obey a gun law???

      Too bad our fine feathered liberal friends can’t see that the only thing strict gun laws accomplish is to disarm the violent criminal’s victim.

      • Don

        It is not against the law to have firearms in your home for protection if you are not a felon.
        I would suggest to go to your firing range and learn to handle the fire arms. You have to know how to hit what you shoot at,
        it is against the law to leave the home without a HGP if you are armed.

  • Lane

    I agree. Wow judge…what were you thinking? $300.000 bond is ridiculously low considering the offenses. Thank God the attackers were caught and the family is still intact.

  • browning

    they give a bond to animals like this & ask why dont you live in memphis ……self destructing under “no leaders”…….

  • Adam

    My family and I left Memphis last year for good. Left a 6 figure salary but now we live in a much more peaceful area where most of the
    Animals are of the four-legged variety. What a dump.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Adam if you left Memphis, then I would appreciate you not saying negative things about Memphis. If you are so happy where you are then why read and make idiotic statements about a great city?

  • Erica Mckissack

    For those of you who have or belive your thoughts or opinions,that is all well and good. As the mother of Xzavier Mckissack , I am more disapponited than anyone can image. I will only pray and apologize for and to the the family for this degrading and forgiveable sin against thier family! Not only did i train him to do the right thing and be respectful but to treat others with respect. His choice to change his life and step over to the negatvie world, just shows me our world as we know it , is closer to end then we ever thought. I must say this ,We fight against sprtiual wickness and principalities in high placess! So i say all that to say this Families pray together, stop letting others come into your lives and say how you discipline your children is wrong. I don t mean breaking any bones or black eyes but what is right and decient. I just feel thier is a responbility to our communities and socity to train children in the way they should go. No mother wants to watch the news with her sons or daughters name going across it. This is very diffcult to handle, but by the Grace of God I lift this family to glory in prayer and supplication. One day in your heart please forgive him. He has to pay his debt to society!! I AM TRULY SORRY FOR THIS!!!!!! I will pray for your strength every day!

    • Nonya Bidness

      You are the one who failed your son, and it started the day you went to the hospital to birth him. Your biggest mistake was branding him with that name. You insured his failure in life by giving him a name that easily identifies his upbringing. You may have thought it was cute and you gave him a cute little nick-name but when he fills out an employment application the person reading knows his life story ….. reading it in his first name. Into the trash can with those applications. No interview necessary.

      Now go explain to you son while he is serving his sentence in prison that YOU are the reason he is there. You though you were being cute but you sealed his fate.

      That boy’s daddy should have kicked you where the sun don’t shine for naming him that, if you can identify him.

      • Avoidthegroid


      • NCOWife2

        That rant of yours was totally unfair. She is hurt, scared, embarrassed, and bravely came on this board to apologize for her son’s behavior. Whatever she chose to name her son was HER choice and really not pertinent to the situation. He is an adult and his sins can’t be dropped at her doorstep.

      • FacePalm

        That was a very ignorant and unnecessary comment, Nonya. This poor mother is holding her child accountable for his actions and is apologizing for his actions. So stop being a colossal p r i c k.

        Erica, I’m sorry you have to see your child do the things he did, I can’t imagine the disappointment you are feeling. I applaud you for calling him out and demand he pays for his crimes and respecting the victims. Not many parents do that anymore. You sound like a decent person and I hope you can remain strong and get through this tough road ahead. Pay no attention to these a s s h a t s putting you down, is sounds like you did right in raising your child but sometimes parents can do everything right and kids can still be wrong. Good luck to you, ma’am.

    • timm

      that was a very moving letter erica. sometimes as parents we try as hard as we can,, and the kids STILL turn out bad. i hope the lord gives you the strength to get through this. you could have been like many mothers and said “my baby wouldn’t do that”,, but you didn’t, and expressed sympathy for the victims. good luck to you mam..

  • Ricky

    Democrats and the entitlement society gotta go. We can’t keep raising demtards and libtards that sap society’s good people and resources.

    • michael

      poor, poor, ricky. you are just upset because obama whipped that butt for two terms. and another democrat is going win after that. I love it.

  • whitesavagesdevils

    You mean how you coward whites failed holly bobo, or the little girl who got raped by her own white brother in Cordova or the one out east raped by both her brothers? At least this guys mum was brave enough to post a public apology and cowards like nonya bidness runs her down! Did you see one white parent do the same? You whites are real cowards!

    • Erica Mckissack

      Ricky You hold on to your strength and what you belive. When you are move to change you will know, and we must remember The griod starts with systems of this world.

  • Jamal

    Back a wood chipper up to the court house and throw them in feet first. Force their mothers to watch, and clean up the mess afterwards. Then send them a bill for the wood chipper rental.

  • Chimp Nightmare

    Is the one that looks crazier than an outhouse rat Edric or Xzavier ?
    Also, are their names Not White enough ?
    Since they’re not H. Sapiens, why aren’t they named something like Koko, Cheeta, Spot, Eggplant, Rughead, Brillo or Rover…er, Raper ?

  • Erica Mckissack

    Hey everyone as i stated before you have the right to speak what you may, I am still standing on uplifting the family ! I am not here for recoil for recoil. His identity is the son of God who created him. Nonya and sense you dont know the whole story let me give you some facts. when you deal with facts and opinions it makes for easier life. My son Xzavier his name stands alone, you should try researching some history and names. “A rose by any other name is still just as sweet” Some of the powerful Xzavier not with the z very infuenatial people!!! I took the time out of my life to pull him from the systerm to make him MY son! were as today most of you dont want to bother with your own children , so i know you cant open your heart or home to someone elses!!! Yes he has pay his dues and he will. And I am still his mother even in his in sin. I keep in mind Mary lost her child and he was sin free!!!! I am no where close to being Mary.

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    • Nonya Bidness

      None of whom share their name with your son. And true to form you have missed the entire point. But do please keep your head stuck in the sand, it endures my children will have and easier time succeeding because the competition looks so much worse.

    • Mem Pride

      Erica I understand where you are coming from, I see this as a mother’s cry. We can raise our kids so far but at one point we have to let them go. This has nothing to do with how you reared your child, it’s about the decision he made. Now understand Nonya Bidness may be childless and don’t and never will understand parenting. Most of her comments .seem to be based on things she heard which really is not relevant. While she spend as much time trying to degrade people her first evaluation should be of herself. She need to ask herself why is she so bitter and unhappy, but I guess being lonely and a racist don’t leave much room for happiness.

  • michael

    leave that woman alone. all of you are hypocrtits.. all of us have done things and just never got caught. he that is without sin, cast the first stone

  • Shonerka Howard

    I am the aunt of Edric Howard, who was raised in a two parent home with a grandfather who introduced him to political and theological debates. He was born into a close knit family where God and righteousness was consistantly preached. I myself have promoted education as a way to combat the world’s view on blackmen. I see people using words such as animal, and promoting the use of firearms. That’s say a lot about the anarchy in which America is headed. My nephew has made a grave mistake by seeking to rebel and live against the principals he was taught. Thinking that 18 made him an adult without properly knowing the responsibilities of an adult. Just making 18 yrs in January, not yet parting from his childish way. A child full of potential, who let misjudgement alter his life’s path. If you see negativity in him, why committ with thoughts fill with hate. Pray for the victim, pray for his repentance. Pray for America, and what it is becoming…

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