Robber Tried to Rape Juvenile Girl in Home Invasion

(Memphis) A Hickory Hill family is recovering tonight after being held hostage in their own home for 7 hours. Police say two men kicked down their door in the middle of the night, robbed them and tried to rape their young daughter.

Neighbors say a TACT team ordered everyone to evacuate their homes from Golden Park Drive as they worked to rescue the family.

“They closed that street, and that street, and that street,” pointed Josue Hernandez.

Neighbor Josue Hernandez snapped pictures of police cars lining the street and took video of a TACT team officer climbing into the second story window of this house to rescue the family inside, “Through that window over there  with a ladder.”

Police say six family members were sleeping in the home after midnight Friday morning when at least two men kicked down their door to rob them. Police say Xzavier Mckissack and Edric Howard ransacked their Hickory Hill house, stealing flat screen TVs and a Play Station but what’s so much more troubling is that police say Mckissack turned this aggravated robbery into an attempted rape. Police say he went into a young girl’s bedroom with a gun and pulled out his genitals and demanded sex from the juvenile girl.

“Disgusting,” said Hernandez.

The family somehow got themselves piled into one room to hide. A TACT team officer climbed up a ladder and into their window to pull all five of them out. In the meantime, Mckissak and Howard were captured down the street.

“These folks actually came and picked me up,” said “Phil”, who also lives on Garden Park Drive.

“Phil” says he was walking down the street when police picked him up too thinking he was involved in the crime.

“So they took you to the police station?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes. They had me handcuffed for no reason,” He said.

After questioning him, they let him go but Mckissack and Howard are locked up, charged with aggravated and burglary robbery. Mckissack has also been charged with aggravated attempted rape.

Neighbors say the juvenile girl who was attacked is in the hospital recovering from wounds to her head after being hit with a gun.

Mckissack and Howard are being held in jail both on a $300,000 bond.


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