Royals Taste Southern BBQ & Meet Jack

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(Memphis) Rendezvous employees call the royal visit unlike anything else.

Owner John Vergos said Prince William and Harry cleaned their plates and were very polite.

The two are in town for their friend Guy Pelly's wedding, who is marrying former Memphian Elizabeth Wilson.

Vergos said since most of their wedding guests are from London, the bride wanted to give them a taste of the South.

"We fed buffet style. They had ribs, brisket, beans and slaw, and we had a buffet of appetizers like cheese, sausage, pickles and peppers," said Vergos.

Hundreds of royal watchers stood outside the restaurant hoping to get a glimpse of the princes, but Vergos said inside was, "very different and comfortable."

"Prince Harry and William, if you didn't know who they are, blended right in with everyone else. Very nice and very approachable. Everyone could chit-chat with them," said Vergos.

Vergos said they even got into a Tennessee guilty pleasure, "Someone from London wanted to know if we had any whiskey. We always carry a bottle of Jack Daniels. I was surprised the Londoners, not necessarily the royals, really like Jack Daniels," said Vergos.

The Rendezvous has hosted big names from presidents to rock stars, but Vergos said last night was different. It is a night he won't forget.

"I'm like everyone else. I gawked too," said Vergos.