70-Year-Old Man Stabbed To Death

(Memphis) Homicide detective are investigating a fight that turned deadly at a home on Heard Avenue earlier this afternoon.

Early reports indicate there was a stabbing, and police do have a suspect in custody tonight.

Dozens of police cars swarmed the home in the 2400 block of Heard avenue.

Neighbors say they heard yelling and knew something was wrong.

Dorothy Mason told us," I heard the police and then I heard the man say, 'I didn't do nothing I didn't do nothing,' That's all I heard."

Mason said she regularly saw the 70-year-old man who was killed out in his yard, but today she saw him being carried away on a stretcher, "The younger man was in cuffs first on the ground, and I heard the police say 'Come out of there! Come out of there!'"

Neighbors said the two had an ongoing fight.

Police did have a man in cuffs in the backseat of a cruiser, but wouldn't confirm if he was the suspect.

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