Protecting The Princes: Security Gets Even Tighter For Royal Duo

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(Memphis) Wedding bells ring Saturday and the security surrounding Prince William and Prince Harry is getting even tighter.

Native Memphian Lizzy Wilson is marrying London nightclub owner Guy Pelly at The Hunt and Polo Club.

The princes started their Friday with a trip to the home of the King, Elvis Presley.

William and Harry arrived at Graceland the same way they have been arriving everywhere in Memphis, in heavily guarded black SUVs.

Lorrie Hayes of Memphis tried to catch a glimpse of the royals, "I've always been a big fan of England and the royal family, so I knew when I found out they were coming to Memphis I'd have to do my best to try and see them."

WREG is told the royals and members of the Pelly wedding party headed to the wedding venue, The Hunt and Polo Club, for rehearsal and then to the Wilson family home for cocktails.

Later, the tell-tale black SUVs pulled into the Memphis Country Club for dinner, while excited royal fans watched.

"They never come here, and they're celebrities!" fan Lee Johnson said of the pair of princes. "So, it's pretty cool!"

While people watched the royals, authorities watched the people.

It was not just big agencies like the secret service and CIA handling security for the royal.

Local law enforcement has been involved as well, and managers at the country club checked every car as it entered their parking lot.

One woman who traveled from Orlando to see the princes was even pulled aside and questioned by agents.

She told them she was simply taking pictures.

That has some questioning, when it comes to security, how much is too much?

"It was kind of scary," royal fan Becky Heinecky said. "It was intimidating to see someone pulled out and specifically targeted."

The wedding will be held at The Hunt and Polo Club Saturday.

There is no word on whether Prince William and Prince Harry will be involved in the ceremony or if they will simply be guests.


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