Hope Even After Brothers Were Killed In AR Tornado

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(Vilonia, AR) Two of the 13 victims of Sunday’s EF-4 tornado in Vilonia, AR  were brothers.

Investigators say 7-tear-old Tyler and 8-year-old Cameron Smith died when a tornado torn their home to pieces.

Their parents April and Daniel are in stable condition at separate hospitals.

Daniel is at St. Vincent in Little Rock, and April is at UAMS, also in Little Rock.

Daniel was told about his two boys being killed on Monday, April was told Tuesday.

A blog post written about the Smith family has had an incredible impact on those many.

Written by Smith family friend Jessica Sowards, it talks about the moments before the tornado hit.

People are moved by the message of optimism and faith:

“For those of you who have been worried about April and Daniel, worried that they would not be the same, that they could not carry on past this loss, please don’t worry any more. I have seen her hope. It is anchored in eternity. It is the kind of hope that saves people. And that’s not just the optimist in me talking.

For those of you wondering how a mother could serve a God that might allow this, understand that Tyler and Cameron knew Jesus. Just a couple of weeks ago, they led a friend to Christ. They aren’t over. Their story hasn’t reached the end. They aren’t even really gone. They’ve just moved for now. And we will miss them.

Like April told Tyler on his last day on earth, we will miss them until we see them again, April and Daniel more than any of us.

While none of us understand it, we must take up her lead and know that even still, God is good. And we must understand that while we may love these boys, God loves them infinitely more. He loves them perfectly. And with his knowledge of the lives and futures of the Smiths, God took them home.”

To donate funds to the family, Click Here.

An alternative, for those that don’t like donating online, is to mail funds to:

April and Daniel Smith C/O
That Church
901 East Kiehl
Sherwood, AR 72120


  • Nelda Duncan

    April, you ARE a mighty woman of God! Although painful, we know all things happen for the greater good in God’s plan. Now is your time to fulfill your destiny. You will see and be with your babies again, by the the Grace of our almighty God.
    I am praying for you and Daniel.

  • tojer72

    Awe look how spiritual we are now. News flash (tragedy hits us all). That’s why karma is real not racist.

  • Marie Shaw

    you know what I think I think that its wrong to sit and say when someone dies that GOD has a plan for them I don’t understand it I mean what plan could god possibly have out of someone dying escpecially a little child I mean I think that Christians show a MEAN AWFUL GOD!!! AND I DONT WORSHIP THIER GOD!

  • Kevin

    Well marie , when u die you will be in the presence of our Lord , when that time comes he will say one of 2 things , to the poeple that know ‘ TRUTH ‘ he will say , Welcome to my Fathers Kingdom , My child ! And to the others , he will say ‘DEPART FROM ME YOU WORKER OF INIQUITY , ( sinner ) Guess which one you will hear ! I dont believe in saying God has plan for a child that dies before growing old , because we are living in the grace period and Jesus said he comes to give us Life an Life more abundantly , but what i do know is that he also said that natural disasters will be increased with both more often and greater intensity , in our last days before he comes again , so we all get to feel the sting of death , unless he comes in our time and you are saved, thats why it is so important to make sure all loved ones young an old hears the word ‘ TRUTH ‘. Faith comes by hearing , so someone better tell about the CROSS and the whole truth not just a stick of wood. Once u hear it from a person of God , it will set u free

    I pray you will open your mind and let God deal with your heart. He can remove all that bitterness u have and leave u with nothing but love instead.

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