Watchful Neighbor Helps Police Nab Burglars

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(Memphis) A woman keeping a lookout saved the day in one Mid-South community.

Her quick thinking has four men behind bars, accused of breaking in and stealing from a neighbor.

It was a typical Thursday for Rodriguez Denton as he took out the garbage in a neighborhood where the people who live there look out for each other.

"It's quiet, peaceful, it's not real rowdy," Denton said.

But his Frayser neighborhood was anything but quiet on Wednesday.

"This the first time that ever happened around here," Denton said.

A neighbor looking out of her window told police four men operated with precision.

The men reportedly slapped on purple surgical gloves, broke into a house, and marched out with an air conditioner.

"Oh, it's kind of strange to have somebody steal an air conditioner," Denton said.

However, police said they took much more.

The watchful neighbor told police she saw them load a stove in the back of their truck.

After the men got what they wanted, police said they went down a driveway and to the scrap yard.

The neighbor keeping a lookout tagged along with police, who caught the young men at Worley Brothers Iron and Metal.

"It's not important," Denton said. "You want to go to jail for stealing an air conditioner. Well, that's on you."

A trip to jail is exactly what happened thanks to a woman with a watchful eye.

Dontonio Hemphill, Orlando Lewis, and Michael Perry all admitted to playing a part, while Demarcus Richardson said he had nothing to do with it.

"Be careful coming in here because we will call the police and have you all arrested," Denton said.


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