SCS School Bus Driver Attacked

(Memphis) Paramedics rushed to the school bus parked outside Fairley High Thursday.

WREG was there as the bus driver was loaded into the ambulance after a student repeatedly punched him in the face during dismissal.

“He didn’t have a bus pass, he said the bus driver was shoving him, and he told the bus driver to keep his hands off him,” said Dennvon Betts, a student at Fairley.

Students out here all said the bus driver shoved the young man, who then snapped.

A fist fight broke out between the two, while other students looked on.

“Sometimes I’m afraid to come outside,” said Jevona Douglas. “I’m not sure what will happen next.”

People in the neighborhood say students are amped up these days misbehaving and not listening to anyone who stands in their way.

Sheriff’s deputies say there’s a reason behind it.

“They get excitement because the school year is almost over, summer gives them a break” said Lt. Clay Aitken.

This week cameras were rolling during another fight on a school bus leaving a Shelby County School, that time the brawl was between two students.

In these final weeks before the end of the school year, deputies say they’re having to step in as the students step on the bus.

“We try to show as much presence as we can,” said Aitken.

The contracted bus company employing the drive said he should be OK.

The company has no set policies regarding if a bus driver is allowed to defend him/herself by hitting a student.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office released this statement, “He refused to show his card, became angry and assaulted the driver striking him several times in the face with a closed fist.”

The driver suffered a swollen right eye, busted lip and a cut under his right eye.

The SCSO told us the driver was taken to Baptist East.

The student is in custody and was taken to Juvenile Court.


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