SCS School Bus Driver Attacked

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(Memphis) Paramedics rushed to the school bus parked outside Fairley High Thursday.

WREG was there as the bus driver was loaded into the ambulance after a student repeatedly punched him in the face during dismissal.

“He didn't have a bus pass, he said the bus driver was shoving him, and he told the bus driver to keep his hands off him,” said Dennvon Betts, a student at Fairley.

Students out here all said the bus driver shoved the young man, who then snapped.

A fist fight broke out between the two, while other students looked on.

“Sometimes I'm afraid to come outside,” said Jevona Douglas. “I'm not sure what will happen next.”

People in the neighborhood say students are amped up these days misbehaving and not listening to anyone who stands in their way.

Sheriff's deputies say there's a reason behind it.

“They get excitement because the school year is almost over, summer gives them a break” said Lt. Clay Aitken.

This week cameras were rolling during another fight on a school bus leaving a Shelby County School, that time the brawl was between two students.

In these final weeks before the end of the school year, deputies say they're having to step in as the students step on the bus.

“We try to show as much presence as we can,” said Aitken.

The contracted bus company employing the drive said he should be OK.

The company has no set policies regarding if a bus driver is allowed to defend him/herself by hitting a student.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office released this statement, "He refused to show his card, became angry and assaulted the driver striking him several times in the face with a closed fist."

The driver suffered a swollen right eye, busted lip and a cut under his right eye.

The SCSO told us the driver was taken to Baptist East.

The student is in custody and was taken to Juvenile Court.


  • Tracy Smith

    This would had to be the one time I would have whooped this kid butt, obviously something he’s not getting at home for him to latch out at an adult. Now the bad part is Juvenile Court will only give him counseling! Had the driver whooped the kid, the parent would be outraged! SMH

    • Julius Jones

      Oh no, Tracy, … that’s much too severe. We need to get some guidance from Hank Brooks on how to handle this.

      You do recall, Ms Brooks feels there are far too many yutes of color being treated harshly by Juvenile Court.

      Some how, some where this young inner city gentleman was coerced into doing this violent deed. We all know it’s not his fault.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Tracy you may know more than me, but when I was in school we were taught you can raise cattle, horses, corn, soybeans, etc. but you rear a child. Perhaps you are correct the child was raised in the wild of Memphis without and trimming or pruning.

  • SD

    Love how folks chime in on every news post negatively. Ignorance is bliss. Keep it up…it makes for entertainment. Sorry this disrespectful ingrate didn’t have home training and decided to join the rest of the ingrates in jail. Ridiculous.

    • Dr. JohnS

      Excuse me, I read your post twice and not once found anything positive in it and you accused everyone of being negative.

  • starup

    Come on people you can’t blame the home unless you know the home did that driver say something to tick the kid off think about it we were kids once I know it were alot of adults I wanted to beat but I knew better.

  • NCOWife2

    I don’t know what Tennessee law says, but I know the district would not have backed the driver if he had defended himself. However, there are some states that do allow public school employees to give a secondary student whatever he/she gives them. Students are far less likely to strike an authority figure when they already know what’s coming to them.

  • memphis pride

    Yesterday there were a news report concerning kids from Cordova fighting on the bus. Two sisters and two brothers. Most of the people responded by saying the bus driver is at fault because her/she didn’t intervene. Now you can see why. It’s so funny how people feel that what they say are right enven if you can prove them wrong. I agree with startup.

  • Julius Jones

    If they let that punk back into that school, they’re pitiful. Do they have a special school for punks who don’t play well with others?

    If it was me running that system, that would have been the punk’s last day as a SCS student.

    • Terry

      I agree. It would be his last day. The driver asked for his pass so why didn’t he just give it up like I’m sure everyone else does? That makes ME question his reason for getting on the bus. Is it his bus to ride? Was he going to fight someone on the bus? Does he even go to that school? The driver was right in defending his self I just hate he got the blunt end! IF more people would defend themselves maybe these thug boys would think twice before acting a fool!

  • Fred

    Y’all keep calling this thug a kid. He is probably 6 foot 5 250 lbs and 25 years old in the ninth grade.

  • Ernie

    The driver had no way of knowing the motivation behind this kid getting on that bus and refusing to leave. What if this kid’s intentions were nefarious? What if he was intent on high jacking the bus, taking hostages, shooting everyone on the bus? Sure he’s a kid but kids have shot up schools before in this country. Had this happened the country would be outraged that the driver didn’t do anything to stop it. So let’s make up our minds. Do we want our kids to be safe & for drivers to have the right to put someone off (forcibly if need be) the bus when they obviously don’t belong there or do we want to raise hell because some unruly, disrespectful kid got shoved? Can’t have it both ways folks. This kid would not have been shoved had he obeyed the rules & listened to the driver.

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