Mass Murderer Wants New PS3 Or Threatens Hunger Strike

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Anders Breivik

(Oslo, Norway) Anders Behring Breivik, convicted of killing 77 people in Norway has threatened a hunger strike unless he gets new video games and an upgraded video system on which to play them.

Breivik admitted he used violent video games to practice shooting and prepare for his attack.

He’s mad because he says he is only allowed to play children’s video games and his video game system is getting old.

In a letter to the court he wrote, “Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids game. One example is ‘Rayman Revolution,’ a game aimed at 3-year-olds.”

He also demanded that his weekly allowance of $49 be doubled.

Modern Norway prison cells are reportedly more like a hotel room than a U.S. cell, and a life sentence there is a maximum of 21 years.

“You’ve put me in hell … and I won’t manage to survive that long. You are killing me.”

Breivik also wants a computer to replace his typewriter and he wants almost daily body searches reduced.

He says he is treated worse than an animal.

Breivik admitted he killed 8 people when he put a bomb in central Oslo and then killed 59 people, mostly teenagers, when he opened fire at an island youth camp.


  • Bobb

    Guess he wants more practice for when he gets out in a few years. What a great justice system they have.

  • R. E.

    Most idiots will eat when they get hungry enough. This guy is just using manipulation to make others fear any possible consequences.
    Typical childish thing to do – “…if I don’t get what I want, I”ll hold my breath!”. Ok, so hold your breath….!!

  • thehood

    I say let him starve. He killed 77 people which means he should have been put to death already.

  • Pam Bernard

    Why on earth does he even have video games in the first place. There should be no tv either. AND AN ALLOWANCE? This is a prison not a vacation. I say if the man doesn’t want to eat the that’s his right. He’s being just like a child. They don’t get their way then throw a fit, hold your breath, kick & scream. WHATEVER! You killed 77 people about that were teens you should be in a small cell & only able to see sunlight maybe an hour a day if that. You go ahead & starve I’m sure the victims families will be so happy.

  • langor1

    When he finally gets so hungry that he wants food, they should give him some PS3 discs to eat.

  • starup

    They should ask him what did those 77 people want and I love that jail if I do any crime seen me to Norway to do my time video games allowance wow paid vacation hello

  • That'a Foul Pal

    Put him in a US state prison for a while and see how long he lasts. Got a feeling he will see more than his share of joy-sticks if they did. It wouldn’t be the type of joy-sticks that are plugged into game consoles he would be playing with however.


  • not sure

    Simple just let this POS go hungry. I would not even consider giving this POS a PS3, if i can not afford a PS3 why should the good tax payers of Norway buy him a video game. Tell what he get is a bullet to the gut let him suffer like the ones he made suffer. Thank God there is no ACLU in Norway. Here he would have his game and the abilty to go live with his games.

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