Drivers Call New Parking Ticket Prices ‘Highway Robbery’

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(Memphis) The city is making it easier to pay to park by now accepting credit cards.

But if you think a dollar an hour is expensive, wait until you see the fine.

The city is now cashing in on your car - if you don't pay, your spot could cost you more than $200.

Allen Young says he has never had a parking ticket in his life, but he also rarely comes downtown so he can avoid them.

Young says even the price to park legally is steep.

"That's too high. It should be 50 cents."

The average parking ticket is $20, and if you don't pay it or you lose in traffic court, the fine skyrockets.

There's the $135 court fee, a $50 fine, and of course late fees and taxes.

It adds up to about $250 dollars.

Donnie Taylor said, "I think that's ridiculous. Highway robbery."

Taylor is from West Memphis. She says these new meters are confusing, and a way to trap out-of-towners, because they don't know what they are.

Taylor said, "A lot of people don't know about these parking meters down here."

Drivers say they the city is cashing in on convenience, and in this day and age, it's no surprise.

Young said, "That's what cities do. It's all over the world. They make money. And if you're willing to contribute, they'll take your money too."

Sending home the message that a few quarters spent at the meter is a lot better than a few hundred spent at the court house.


  • dada

    That’s why I never go downtown, they lie in wait to tickect and tow etc.Then one has to put up with all the panhandlers.

  • JK

    I visit Memphis from time to time. This is why I won’t be visiting downtown. If you own a business that relies on visitors, you can blame your own city government.

  • Loretta

    I lived in Washington, DC for years. If you got a parking ticket and didn’t pay it within two weeks, it doubled. Failure to pay for another two weeks, it doubled again…I think you see where this is going. So a $20 ticket could easily get jacked to over $200 or more and believe me, I saw this happen to many friends. It wasn’t only DC, Maryland and Virginia were just as bad. In fact, Virginia may have been worse! VA state troopers always had a line of folks getting tickets, because there were different speed limits for different sections of the interstate…crazy! Park on the private lots and you’ll be fine.

  • Hard Truths

    REVENUE !!!!

    When you see squad cars stopped, writing parking tickets … you know the orders have come down to RAISE SOME REVENUE !!!

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