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100-Year-Old Cemetery Damaged By Storms And Vandals

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(Millington, TN) A 100-year-old Millington cemetery has turned into a dumping ground for vandals.

Even worse, recent storm damage to Belmount Cemetery on Hamlet Road is making it difficult for people to get into the cemetery to visit loved ones graves.

"When I see it like this I feel kind of disgusted, but we are going to do our best," said Anthony Threlkeld who is especially frustrated.

He volunteers to take care of the cemetery where several of his own family members are buried.

He said the two churches that own the cemetery, Belmount Baptist and Little John Baptist, have gotten smaller over the years and no longer have the manpower or money to take care of the place.

He said people who choose to dump garbage there are making it worse.

During our visit, we saw hundreds of tires, old furniture and other trash just yards from the headstones.

"People have no respect for the dead or living," said Threlkeld.

Threlkeld estimates it will take thousands to remove downed trees that are blocking the entrance to the cemetery and removed all the garbage.

He said the churches don't have it in their budgets so he's asking for volunteers or family members with loved ones buried there to help.

If you would like to help call 901-481-0796.

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  • bmwjen

    They need to have another one of those $1 a tire return and that should take care of the tires. Some people are just nasty.

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