Where Will The Royal Family Go While In Memphis?

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(Memphis) It's time to roll out the royal carpet.

England's Prince William and Prince Harry will soon be in Memphis for a private visit to attend the wedding of one of their closest friends, who is marrying a native Memphian.

The city is expected to be abuzz as they travel around town over three days, going to the wedding, the reception, and seeing Memphis sights.

WREG hit the streets to find out the talk around town.

We're walking in Memphis, where there is no shortage of things to keeps you entertained.

After walking past the music, lights, and food, we bumped into Kev Cofely.

"Yeah, it's unbelievable," he said.

From England to Memphis, he flew overseas to be here like Prince Harry and Prince William will do this weekend.

"I think they're very personable, very personable people," he said. "I know he's loved all over in the country, isn't he?"

Besides the big wedding at the Hunt and Polo Club, what will the princes be up to?

"They've got to come to Beale Street and I'm sure they're big Elvis fans -- who isn't? They've got to be going to Graceland as well," Cofely said. "I think there's the Martin Luther King Museum and stuff like that. I'm sure you'll get them on the big boat as well."

The truth is nobody really knows what they will be doing, but there is a lot of chatter about them grabbing a bite above the King's place. B.B. King, that is.

The staff at Itt Bena were tight-lipped, just like many of the places WREG called on Wednesday.

However, wherever the princes go, people here hope the entire family comes along.

"So hopefully they'll bring the little baby as well," Cofely said. "Is it George, is it?"


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