Motorcycle Group Remembers Riders Killed At Their Club

(Memphis) With a symphony of horsepower, two motorcycle enthusiasts were remembered outside the Memphis Gentlemen Motorcycle Club.

More than 200 people gathered to pay respects for two men killed there Friday morning.

Police said a fight broke out at the club on Chelsea, and someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. Others returned fire.

Eric Whitaker and Jonathan Tripplet were killed.

Wednesday night, with candles lit and heavy hearts, the men were honored.

“What went on that night was senseless,” Hollywood Thomoson said. “We will not leave here with evil thoughts in our hearts, but joy in our minds.”

Whitaker was the group’s president.

“He was a good guy, a father, a husband,” David Hasslet said.

Tripplet was part of the group and worked in corrections with Whitaker.

“Real happy go lucky type person in fact that’s what we called him lucky. He was a good kid,” Hasslet said.

The huge support for both gave comfort to Whitaker’s sister.

“He’s a loving person and very caring and a heck of man,” Annette Whitaker said.

Trippet’s family says the 26-year-old who served his country leaves behind a daughter and an unborn child.

“I just want him to know shout outs all the way up to heaven. We miss you and we love you very much.”

Robert Taylor is charged with both murders. He is in the Shelby County Jail with no bond.


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