Memphis Airport Ready For Royal Family’s Arrival

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(Memphis) Wedding bells are in the air, and the royal family will shortly be as well.

Princes William and Harry are expected to fly into Memphis Thursday for a friend’s wedding.

The group with the royal family is expected to come to Memphis on multiple planes. One is expected to land at Wilson Air, and the others at Memphis International Airport.

“We expect them to arrive tomorrow,” said Glen Thomas, spokesperson for Memphis International Airport.

Thomas says the Royal Guard has asked the airport to keep the arrival times under wraps, but soon Prince Harry and William will be in the Mid-South.

They're going to be in their friend Guy Pelly's wedding, who is marrying Memphian Elizabeth Wilson. She's the granddaughter of Kemmons Wilson who founded Holiday Inn and also Wilson Air Center.

It's the same terminal the royal family may use Thursday.

Memphis International Airport Police will be helping with security no matter which terminal they go through.

“Our airport police has been contacted,” said Thomas. “And they will be talking to their representatives again today.”

Thomas says the airport's main priority is to make sure the royal family arrives in Memphis safe.

Workers for Wilson Air say all types of celebrities fly into their facility and they never leak information about their plans.

Workers say the Wilson family also has a private landing strip at their home so it’s also possible the royal family could land there.

Either way, the royal brothers are coming to Memphis for a wedding at the Hunt and Polo club, possibly dinner on Beale Street and their presence is guaranteed to have reporters worldwide flying-in to Memphis to capture their every move.


  • 1midtownmike

    Get a frickin’ life people.

    Memphis has become a cesspool of crime and murder, yet this story is supposed to make us feel better because spoiled royalty are flying into Memfrica and we should feel honored?

      • Dr. JohnS

        Oh I do hope so, maybe our Mayor will shut up about raising taxes. No, I am dreaming he ha some more toys he wants to buy.

  • Sportzfanz

    The attention this will generate for Memphis will be good for business!
    I didn’t really care for the royals, until I went to London. Buckingham
    Palace is an amazing site. I love Prince William and Prince Harry! I would
    love to get a glimpse of them, but that probably won’t happen! A hugh
    welcome to Memphis Royals!!!

  • SC

    It’s a good opportunity for the city to get positive international publicity. Other than that, who cares. If you don’t want to know about it, don’t read the articles and watch the stories.

  • SD

    Memfrica? Redneckville is more like it. Angry people early morning keyboard thumpin. Does your job know you’re regulars?

  • Marceia

    I am now convinced this is a comment panel for ignorant people to speak and vent at random. Yes black on black crime is bad white on white crime is bad. Murder for hire is bad killing your kids is bad!! Ignorant people spend so much time pointing fingers at a specific demographic you miss that it is going on every where!! Educate your mind dummies

  • Bill

    I’m quite glad the Prince and Princess are coming to our fair city. Should be excitement all round for everyone. I should hope to glance at the baby Prince, perhaps snap a shot of him too. Good for us, to have freinds across the Pond who’ll share the wondeful day with us.

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