Charges Dropped Against Officer And Mental Patient After Shooting

(Memphis) District Attorney General Amy Weirich will not prosecute anyone for what happened on the porch of a South Memphis home earlier this year.

In January, a family called police because Glen Jones, a man with a history of mental problems, was acting out.

Family members say the specially trained unit of MPD did an excellent job and was diffusing the situation, when one officer stepped up with a gun.

“He busted through hands up with his service gun in glens face and yelling get on the ground you crazy motherf*** ,” said Adrian Jones, Glen’s brother.

Police took the officer off the beat for months amid allegations he ignored orders to calm down and wait.

It’s something police say the DA looked into.

“This case has been reviewed by both MPD’s Inspectional Service and the AG’s Office and it has been determined that no criminal or administrative charges will be filed at this time,” said Karen Rudolph, MPD’s spokeswoman.

“I don’t know what you were talking about,” said Amy Weirich when we mentioned that part of the investigation to her.

There are still gray areas on what happened at the home and what specifically was investigated for the past several months.


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