Charges Dropped Against Officer And Mental Patient After Shooting

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(Memphis) District Attorney General Amy Weirich will not prosecute anyone for what happened on the porch of a South Memphis home earlier this year.

In January, a family called police because Glen Jones, a man with a history of mental problems, was acting out.

Family members say the specially trained unit of MPD did an excellent job and was diffusing the situation, when one officer stepped up with a gun.

“He busted through hands up with his service gun in glens face and yelling get on the ground you crazy motherf*** ,” said Adrian Jones, Glen’s brother.

Police took the officer off the beat for months amid allegations he ignored orders to calm down and wait.

It’s something police say the DA looked into.

“This case has been reviewed by both MPD’s Inspectional Service and the AG’s Office and it has been determined that no criminal or administrative charges will be filed at this time,” said Karen Rudolph, MPD’s spokeswoman.

“I don't know what you were talking about,” said Amy Weirich when we mentioned that part of the investigation to her.

There are still gray areas on what happened at the home and what specifically was investigated for the past several months.


      • Wake Up

        Where did you learn that gem? CSI Memphis? Mental patients are prosecuted just like anyone else. Get a brain.

      • ParadeofDeluded

        I’ve worked in Shelby county criminal justice for 15 years. Known mental patients, which this guy was, who act out when in crisis are not prosecuted. They never make to trial.

  • Yep

    This city has police officers running amok doing as they please because they know “no charges will be filed” It’s pretty much organized crime but thieves are the police and local government.

  • Unknown

    You people trust the thugs and criminals statements, but anything the police say or do is wrong. The police and da cleared the officer, because he was innocent. Officers no not to interrupt the cit officers on the scene. And I’m sure the charges were dropped against the mental patient, because of his illness which I agree with he’s sick. These officers risk thier life’s for each and every single one of us everyday. They face the fears and problems that none of you want to deal with and for what this government is taking everything away from them and it’s because of ignorant people who think like this officers are leaving this department. Wether or not you like police, because of something you heard or maybe experienced don’t forget what they do for you. Take the time and thank one of them for their service.

    • Hard Truths

      Some of them — the cops — are just NOT the good guys.

      A lot of the wrong people have been hired, lots of problem candidates ignored and accepted to fill the ranks during the past decade’s war.

      And the young cop-veterans themselves. PTSD?

      And the militarization of the police everywhere you look.

      It is the police’s responsibility to deal with its dysfunctional management. And to clean up their reputation with the public

      We don’t need a gang of street hooligans armed with uniforms, a near-license to kill from the State, and state-issued firearms.

      Take a look at THAT picture. Do you like what you see coming at us?

      And do the police even admit the problem exists?

      H*** NO !!!

  • Bradley Mccain

    I bet the man killed was AfricangoAmerican , charges dropped ……quite typical of Amy

  • MemphisDad

    “I don’t know what you were talking about,” said Amy Weirich This comment is lacking context and appears to be another cheap shot by wreg towards the DA. Their bias against a white public official with a stellar record is nothing more than racism.

  • For Real

    Chris Williams what have you done to always have people on you? You’re always saying their mom this and that. Everybody knows you are G-Y and haven’t been with their mom. Maybe you went shopping with them but that would be it….Well maybe you cut their Hair.

  • Hard Truths

    Amy has NEVER worked except as a prosecutor.

    Amy is SO pro-cop that she, like so many cops, is antagonistic to the general public.

    Amy is NOT “our DA” unless you ARE a cop.

    A great prosecutor — from the NECK down. Rambo tactics and cheap demagoguery.

    I’m going to vote against her, not that I’m enthused about Joe Brown, either. But we need to put an end to the kind of DA she has been, as was her predecessor, Bill Gibbons — only he was a lot goofier.

    • MemphisDad

      You probably don’t remember Memphis in the 60 and 70’s when it was nothing short of the wild wild west. No one was safe. The thin blue line is the only thing keeping this city habitable. Amy is a key component that end. If crazy joe wins no one will be safe and it will be time to go.

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