Video Captures Fight That Sent Two Girls To The Hospital

(Memphis) Sisters Jericah and Jayla Holloway are beat up and bruised.

“I dislocated my shoulder,” Jericah said.

All because of a fight on their school bus Monday afternoon as they headed home from Cordova High School.

Things got heated when Jericah and a 15-year-old boy exchanged words.

“He pulled my hair and punched me in the forehead about five times,” she said.

She was thrown against the window and punched.

Her sister Jayla joined in to help.

“I was just trying to defend my sister because she was fighting a boy by herself,” she said.

She got punched in the face by the boy’s twin brother.

Another student captured the attack on their cellphone camera.

“I’m shocked that boys are picking on girls,” Jayla said.

As the assault unfolds, the school bus driver yells at the kids to stop.

But the girls say the driver didn’t break up the fight and continued on her route.

The girls called their parents and were dropped off at the normal spot.

“I find out it was two boys they were fighting so I really got hysterical,” Steve Holloway, the girl’s father, said.

As you can imagine their parent’s weren’t happy.

“I’m angry the bus driver didn’t do anything to help her. She didn’t call the police. She didn’t call the ambulance,” the girl’s mother Myca Holloway said.

“She let the guys who assaulted my daughters get off the bus. They lose me right there,” Mr. Holloway said.

The school district released the following statement:

“We know there was a fight involving some students on a Cordova High School bus yesterday. The bus driver attempted to personally break up the fight and reported the matter. All additional aspects of this situation are under investigation by the district and law enforcement.”

But the district failed to answer questions from WREG about the protocol for bus drivers when children are injured on buses.


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