Man Refuses To Leave Neighborhood Riddled With Crime

(Memphis) Henry Wallace was just returning from work when he rushed up his driveway at 234 Ingle Avenue as bullets blew by

“This guy he was running up here, all the way up there and he was running his butt off,” said Wallace.

He had his eye on the man running, but it’s what he heard that grabbed his attention.

“I heard this young guy, ‘Help me sir, please help me.'”

A teenager had collapsed behind his home.

Wallace’s wife rushed to dial 911, something they’re doing far too often.

“It’s really out of hand, really out of hand,” said Wallace.

Gunshots ring out all the time and things stolen left and right. His central air conditioner has already been replaced twice.

But the Wallaces aren’t giving up, aren’t moving.

“We built this house from the ground up, we can’t move because we planted our seed,” said Wallace.

He’s not joking – they left Orange Mound because of crime and he literally built this home with help from Habitat for Humanity.

It’s his family’s American Dream, and despite bullets flying through his backyard, he’s not ready to leave it.

“It was just a foundation and Helen and I and our kids, we put everything on there,” said Wallace

Police were questioning neighbors, tracking footprints, and trying to figure out who pulled the trigger and why.


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