Malone Campaigner Arrested for Pointing Shotgun in Road Rage Incident

(Memphis) A case of road rage landed a man in a Bartlett jail.

He’s accused of pulling a shotgun on another driver, and police say that’s not all Creighton Douglas had in his car.

Besides guns, police say Douglas had dozens of campaign signs for Deidre Malone, who’s running for Shelby County mayor.

Malone says Douglas is her son’s close friend and he’s been helped her put up signs and recruit campaign volunteers.

She says she had no idea he even owned a gun or was capable of this type of behavior.

“I hit my horn. ‘Boop! Boop!’” said Bubba Sandefer.

Sandefer says he was driving down Stage road this weekend when someone cut him off but honking his horn didn’t help.

“He ran up on my bumper and was riding behind me so I went ahead and called the Bartlett police.”

Sandefer was on the phone with police when the man tried to run him off the road and then blocked his car on Northampton.

He says the man got out and pointed a gun at him.

“I just put it in reverse and started backing up and I was on the phone with the dispatcher the whole time and telling her ‘He’s got a gun! He’s got a shotgun! Get here now! He’s got a shotgun!’”

Bartlett Police swooped in and arrested 24-year-old Creighton Douglas. Officers say they found not only a shotgun and an assault rifle in his car but also something else on his backseat.

“I saw the signs when they were searching his car, “ said Sandefer.

Officers found dozens of Deidre Malone campaign signs.

“I’m very disturbed and I’m sad for the family,” said Malone.

Malone is running for Shelby County mayor and says Douglas has been helping with her campaign for months.

“If I ever needed him, he was here.”

“So you knew he had a car full of your signs?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yeah. He probably had a Malone for Mayor t-shirt on too,” said said.

She says Douglas’s alleged behavior is not characteristic of the young man she knows.

“All I did was beep my horn,” said Sandefer. “It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Sandefer says the situation could have ended a lot worse. He has a gun carry permit and that day had pulled out a pistol, which was on his lap.

Malone doesn’t expect this to have any effect on her campaign with the primary election coming up this Tuesday.


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