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Lifetime Ban For Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

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(WREG-TV) NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has announced a lifetime ban for L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling and a $2.5 million fine which Silver said is the maximum allowed.

Sterling will not be allowed to attend NBA games or interact with the team which he owns.

Silver said he will also push for Sterling to be forced to sell the team.

Saturday, the website TMZ posted a 10-minute recording of a conversation, reportedly between Sterling and his girlfriend, whose legal name is V. Stiviano.

According to the website, the conversation happened April 9.

On the recording, the man and woman argue about photos posted to Instagram in which she appears with African-Americans.

The man in the recording says he doesn’t want the woman bringing any black people to games with her because of how people with think about a Latina being with a black male.

Sterling has not commented publicly on the scandal.

Silver said Sterling told him it is his voice on the recording.

Team President Andy Roeser issued a statement this weekend that said, “what is reflected on that recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect (Sterling’s) views, beliefs or feelings.”

He suggested that the recording was an attempt by Stiviano to “get even” with Sterling.

Sterling bought the team for $12 million in 1981 and is now worth $575 million, according to Forbes magazine.


    • just me

      I dont see what the big deal is. So what some old fart running his mouth off about blacks. Black people always go hard when a white person say something negative about black people. But aint seen or heard nothing!!! When it comes to black on black crime. Black people are some of the most racist people in the world against their own people. Light, black skinned seperation with in the black culture. Get the log out your own eye first. Yeah!! And Im black toooo. That man old and set in his ways. How many times black people you heard old black men talk about white people? ??

  • B-12

    HE got everything that he deserved. It is men and woman like him that KEEP the race card alive. People NEED to come together and STOP all the race card business. HE said what he said, he is dating a black lady and he still felt the way he did and he should of just kept his mouth shut. I am GLAD it happened, and it could of NOT happened to a nicer guy. In the business he was in all these years and to make a comment like that was so downgrading and low.

  • karen. vanreenan

    If i remember right he told his girlfriend that he didn’t care what she did with African americans, just don’t bring them to his games . i think he is hurt watching her with ANY man.

  • Bill

    You’d have made out better if you had HIV(Magic), caused Benghazi, or made up the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Better yet, if you could define what the definition of is is, you’d be better off. Gary Hart, Jerry Falwell, Eliot Spitzer, Jerry Springer, Wilbur Mills, Bob Packwood, Mark Foley, Gary Condit and Larry Craig all feel your pain, well not as bad as you do.They got off pretty easy. Maybe you should consider Politics?

  • Chris Williams Junior

    Good job NBA. Even though it probably won’t stick cause he’s gonna sue the league.

  • evette

    Lifetime Ban? Come on people the man didn’t kill anyone.
    Some of you are driving cars, wearing name brand clothes and eat at restaurants that are owned by people who feel the exact way he does.
    This is how they talk on the golf course and at their country clubs when other races aren’t around. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.

  • alfredaybrown

    The tongue is a dangerous weapon, in which its very hard to control….THINK b 4 u speak!!! It is costing loves and jobs!!!

    • Kevin

      nothing????? Life time ban, millions of dollars …. and you say nothing? I bet Donald don’t feel like it’s nothing … He’s wishing he would have shut his bigoted mouth and said nothing. Is that the nothing you’re referring too?

      • Whatever

        Don’t kid yourself. The idiot is a billionaire so $2.5M is pocket change for him. The NBA is forcing the sale of his team and he will get the proceeds from the sale, and its far more than what he paid for it. Time will tell if he really regrets his statements or just the fact that they were made public.

    • Ravyn

      Freedom of speech 1) doesn’t absolve you from the CONSEQUENCES of what you say, and 2) means that the GOVERNMENT can’t restrict what you say or punish you for what you say. The NBA isn’t the government, and, like A&E and how they punished Robertson for his remarks, they can sanction Sterling however they feel justified.

    • *TERMINUS*

      blah, blah, blah….shut up…Donald is old as dirt. He’ll probably be on his death bed in a few more months…U couldnt pay me enough money to lay beside someone as old & ugly as he is….Forget a lifetime ban/ looking in the mirror is enough punishment for that scumbag..

  • ChrisWilliamsstillwearspanties

    I think it’s a bunch of s–t. I don’t agree with what he said but there is Freedom of Speech. Next it’s the dumb media that has blown this way out of proportion. If it was a black saying it about a white there wouldn’t have had much said about it. Since it was about blacks it’s out of control. I thought we all were suppose to be equal? If so act like it. What about the players talking nasty to each other that should treated the same. You wonder why people say some of the things they do? This is why.

    • Terrie

      I mean really! Bunch of baby panty waste crying about something that NO ONE shouldve heard to begin with. I think HE should sue HER too .!
      Bunch of babies got offended so they cried out. Shame on that ho too for recording him which IS AGAINST THE LAW! IT MAY GO TO COURT BUT nothing will happe to him, as it shouldnt!
      Freadom of speech is what the GBLT, homos, blacks & everybody else is screaming for. now that yo ugot it, you don’t know what to do with it but remember, it applies to everyone!

  • ChrisWilliamsstillwearspanties

    Termanus I will stick something in your mouth. You’re just another D Bag that is making a big deal cause somebody talked about your CURSED Race. Get over it. It’s no different then you calling us krackers and Honkys. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. Hopefully when I call you spear chub jets, head hunters and porch munkeees it doesn’t hurt your feelings. Y’all are just happy to see a white guy get knocked down. News for ya Bubba, he is 80 and it didn’t hurt anything. In fact it might be hurting the things he donated money to. Cause if he stops certain groups will suffer. So since you are to dumb to see it I thought I would tell you.

    • Kevin

      Dude, there you go again … hiding behind your computer and trying your best to talk the talk just like any ole coward racist would….

  • mr matt

    go google larry johnson former ny knick and see what he had to say about things…not so much as an eyebrow raised#doublestandard

  • ChrisWilliamsstillwearspanties

    Larry Johnson is a joke. Who goes to the games the most? White people. If the slaves families haven’t sold them and if they didn’t come here they wouldn’t have Basketball or anything they have. See y’all are racist. An all black league. What about an all white league. I hate Hockey but I’m about to watch it and forget all of the others and if other did the same see what would happen. I so wish I could get on tv.

  • whitesavagesdevils

    As usual no bigger hypicrite than the snow birds. The old fool cheating in his wife with a half/half then gets caught with his pants down and you fools defend him? Lol he will sell the team pocket the cash. The players should refuse to play and he would get zilch. So yes, they are slaves

  • 1midtownmike

    Ban Sean Combs for life as well for saying “Let the revolution begin……BLACK POWER” with a raised fist in regards to his cable network a couple of years ago at the NBA all star game. Any hypocrites out there remember that incident?

    • Observant citizen

      Don’t forget queen latifah spouting “kill white people” on more than one occasion and her sponsorship continues to grow. Google it. Dave letterman show additional racist comments. No bigger racist that her fat a$$

  • Realist

    Watch what you say:

    Matthew 15:18
    But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.

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