FedEx Facility Shooting Injures 6 In Georgia

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(Kennesaw, GA) Six people are being treated after a shooting at a FedEx warehouse in Kennesaw, GA this morning.

Three people are reportedly in critical condition, two with life threatening wounds.

It has now been confirmed the shooter, who was an employee, took his own life.

One witness told the Atlanta Journal Constitution the shooter was a 19-year-old employee who was a package handling worker.

He reportedly had several guns, ammo and a knife.

There is a security checkpoint where employees are screened through a metal detector.

A security guard was shot, reportedly at that checkpoint.

WGCL-TV spoke with a woman who worked with the shooter.

She said she had problems with him as recently as last Thursday.

She told Bell the shooter was taking a laser package scanner and flashing it in her eyes. She reported to management and he was verbally reprimanded.

She also said the shooter didn’t see her and is thankful he didn’t because if he did, she is not sure what would have happened.

FedEx released a statement:

“We can confirm that an incident occurred early Tuesday morning at a FedEx Ground facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, and with their families and friends. We are grateful for the assistance of law enforcement. The situation is now stabilized and we are focused on the needs of our team members and cooperating with the law enforcement investigation of this tragedy.”


      • bmwjen

        Well, then what are you wondering about? The color of the shooter? the color of the victims? Economic status of either? Number of children each has? What school they went too? Their favorite food? Their least favorite poster on WREG? Type of car they drive?

      • athynz

        What was the motivation? Were the guns registered? Was he eligible to have the guns? Was he on something? That’s just a few things I personally wondered about concerning this article.

    • bmwjen

      oh no Chris, Yahoo posted a pict of some inter-racial hugging with regard to this story. I wonder if they were in a relationship.

  • Lo

    i wonder if he was taking prescription meds, which so many people are these days and these drugs cause suicidal and homocidal behavior in young people. that’s what i wonder about.

  • Mecwinnie

    I doubt that a law that said he couldn’t take his gun there would have mattered. Besides, he also had a knife. And, if you recall, the knifing at the school in Pennsylvania just last week?

  • Michelle Robison

    Yes, a law has been passed here in Georgia by Gov. Nathan Deal that you can take a gun any where. The airport, Church etc. However, there was a security guard at the entrance of the FedEx office and the boy shot the guard. The boy was 19 and white if that makes a difference to anyone. Six were injured before he took his own life. His name is Geddy L. Kramer. I am not excusing why this boy did what he did, it was wrong in so many ways. He suffered from deep depression. Can you just imagine what kind of things were going on in his life and in his mind to want to take his own life? He thought about doing this, thinking it was the only way to die. I mean, how bad could things have been to do something like this. What bothers me about this the most, is that Geddy told his best friend and neighbor (they have been friends since kindergarten and the friend got him a job there) for a while now that he was thinking about shooting the place up. The ‘best friend’ did nothing to help Geddy. He didnt tell his parents or go to the police. In my opinion, the friend is just as much to blame. He knew. Does any of this answer any of your questions Chris??

  • whitesavagesdevils

    Of course he was white and of course the whites wilmake a million excuses for him like he was depressed. If he was negro the snow birds would blame every negro in sight and say the negro ppl making excuses btw glad the little psycho iced himself amen!

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