Students Brave Storm To Make It To School

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(Shelby County, TN) It's hard to miss Darling Thomas when he's standing on the corner.

"I gotta make sure the children get across the road safe," Thomas said.

With a bright yellow raincoat and red stop sign in hand, Thomas is keeping a lookout to make sure your kids make it to school safely.

"I'm a little wet, but I'm trying to make it," Miguel Reyes said.

Reyes was trying to make it to school in the middle of severe weather alerts WREG told viewers about throughout Monday morning.

The storms viewers were warned about took lives and left behind major damage.

"I don't got no umbrella, no coat, no nothing," Reyes explained.

Like many of his classmates walking and catching the bus, Reyes made a way.

"Right when it started pouring down I went into a corner store, waited a couple of minutes until it settled down," Reyes said.

Mothers like Jasmine Rainer were not having it.

"Yes, Yes. Most definitely," Rainer said.

She gave her daughters a ride to school Monday morning.

"Get your rain boots because of course it's going to be more water because it rained yesterday," Rainer said she explained to her children.

"Make sure you have your umbrella and just kind of push so we can in between the breaks of the storm," she said.

Raines provided advice Thomas would agree with because safety comes first.


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