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Storm Snaps Trees Across Memphis

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(Memphis) Families are cleaning up after three different storms knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses.

It was a game of inches in this storm, and some got luckier than others. Downed trees were a big problem in East Memphis.

Firefighters were called in to do a safety check at a home on Perkins Road after a tree knocked out power to several houses in one neighborhood, and completely crushed a  shed.

A few miles down the road, downed trees stopped traffic.

Mitch LaGasse came home to quite a mess.

He said, "I couldn't get down the street so I came around this way and noticed my tree was laying in the middle of park avenue. "

LaGasse says he recently cleared out several trees in the yard so they wouldn't crash in on his house.

He thought one tree was healthy, but it was not strong enough for this round of storms.

He knows it could have been worse.

"Luckily it was blowing the other way. I'm very relieved."

Melissa Moratis is also fortunate. A tree in her front yard missed the house, but it was also a close call.

"My room is right there and the tree barely missed it. It missed it by an inch.

She says her mom rushed in to get her just after 6 Monday morning when the wind started whipping.

They heard the tree crash and thought maybe a few branches were knocked off.

When they came outside, they saw the whole tree was down.

"It did that to a metal fence, I wonder what it would have done to my house?"

MLGW officials say if you don't have power, you need to report the outage so they can come fix it. They hope to have everyone back online by Tuesday night.