MLGW Should Have Power Back On By Tuesday Night

(Memphis) MLGW line crews strapped in for a busy day at work after several storms wiped out power across the city.

Alexander Varela said the damage was evident on his street.

He said, "I saw the big tree laying across the road. One of the guys from the city was working on it and shaking the cables.>"

Varela works in construction and his jobs were cancelled because of the weather, but his day off was spent in the dark.

He says he was encouraged by how fast the crews are working today.

"I guess they did a good job because sometimes it takes longer than that."

Trees snapped all over the city.

MLGW spokespeople say the damage started in East Memphis Monday morning, then later in the afternoon inside the belt line got hit with wind and rain.

They say they need to hear from their customers affected by this storm.

"Our customers should never assume we know their services are out. We could get a whole neighborhood on but one or two houses could be out and we wouldn't know it. So customers must call in," explained Gale Jones.

Those customers still waiting to have their power back on say they know they are lucky considering all the damage across the Mid-South.

Varela said, "I know those guys in Arkansas are in pretty bad shape. We've got to help them out."

MLGW says they hope to have all of their customers back online by Tuesday night.

If you or your neighbors are in the dark, check in on them, because it could be a long 24 hours.

Here is the number to call if you do not have power: (901) 544-6500

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