Memphis Residents Await Power Restoration

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(Memphis) A huge tree fell on a house in Annie Tate's South Memphis neighborhood . She was leaving for work when the large oak crashed into the house down the block.

No one lived there, but it showed her just how vulnerable her family was on the street lined with huge old trees.

“I said I hope our house would be alright,” said Tate. “It's an old neighborhood with a l lot of old trees and stuff like that, a lot of neighbors are worried."

Trees were down all across the city.

They started falling overnight, ripping down power lines and leaving people like Neal Goble in the dark.

“It may be tomorrow morning before I get power,” said Goble.

Goble's been "supervising" the crews from MLGW. That's because they got the power back on this morning and then it went out again.

He says it's because they missed another fallen line, so now he's helping out.

Crews didn't seem to mind the help and the folks in charge at MLGW obviously don't want you to touch a power line.

They do want you to pick up the phone and let them know if you're still waiting on the lights to come back on.

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  • Arun Sagar

    MLGW should have coordinated the storm center activities more efficiently so that customers get power back asap. Should consider automation via Resources on Demand

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