Flooding on Mount Moriah

flooding mount moriah

(Memphis) Rain came down for hours Sunday afternoon creating a dangerous situation on the highway and also flash flooding around town.

The worse flooding News Channel 3 saw was on Mount Moriah near Clark.

The water standing on the road was at least a foot and a half deep and it caught a lot of drivers off-guard.

Some were plowing through it at full speed creating major waves and a scary situation when they realized cars were stuck in the middle of it.

A News Channel 3 crew almost witnessed a huge accident there.

One woman we talked to says she and her daughter got stuck in the standing water earlier in the day and almost didn’t make it out.

“It’s been like that. They should have blocked it off. They never block it off so every time it rains like this, cars get trapped down there,” said Shellie York.

The presence of a police officer who came to the scene helped slow cars down and got many of them to turn around to avoid the standing water.

One man in an SUV was trapped in the water for some time after he tried to go around the flooding but went over the curb and got stuck in the mud.

A tow truck driver struggled for about a half hour in the rain to get him out.

With the rain supposed to continue for the next few days, the National Weather Service warns that if you see standing water, the best thing to do is turn around.



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