17-Year-Old Escapee Found

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(Memphis) A 17-year-old who escaped custody while being transported Monday morning was found near where he went missing.

Earnest Wilson, who faces a carjacking charge, jumped from a van while it was stopped at Bellevue and Jackson Avenue.

He was wearing shackles and handcuffs when he escaped, and was still wearing them when he was found in the 900 block of Kney Street.

The two detention officers who were transporting him tried and were unable to catch him. They have been relieved of duty pending an administrative review.

Gordon Elementary School was locked down briefly due to the escape.


  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    This kids in handcuffs AND shackles and not just one but TWO detention officers.cant catch.him???!!! Something wrong with this picture!!!. Do 2 dentention officers.need to lose some weight so they can.RUN??

  • mike

    Handcuffed and shackled and he got away. Dude was pickin um up and settin um down. Jose why so mean, did you know him? Did he knock a knot up side yo head ;0)

  • Don

    The two detention officers who were transporting him tried and were unable to catch him. They have been relieved of duty pending an administrative review.

    They should not be paid until the review is over and fired. This kid thug is a threat for everyone in Memphis and doesn’t need to be on the street.

  • mr matt

    17!? he is just a baby just like that kid that would look like obama if he had a son. maybe thats how he got away, these detention officers didnt want to end up like zimmerman

  • Candi

    Man Ive just been observing and reading the comments posted by these idiots on here and I must say you all are so evil and full of hate against black people…why is it jealously because we are superior than your race and yes many of us blacks don’t realize our true history but you racist ones do and you hate us for what we truly possess. Do your research please about the black race its much deeper than you read on the news.

    • Cliven Sterling

      If superiority is having to have affirmative action to get into college and last time I looked Afrika is a slum, I dread to see what you believe inferiority is.

    • Sterling Bundy

      Putin has proven how much more superior we are in the area of intellect. odumbo can’t form a sentence without a teleprompter.

    • Don

      I beg your pardon, I checked the posts down to mine. I found nothing that said anything about race. You are the only one who mentioned race and the article didn’t either. Appears you might be raciest since you said you are black. I don’t care if they were black or not, the officers should be fired.
      I think you might want to apologize to some of your fellow posters

    • Problematic

      You sound just as racist as the racist idiots you’re describing. While many posters on here are just generally racist and feed off negative news about blacks, a great many(myself included) are just tired of sharing a society with people who care nothing about it and in Memphis it’s mainly the black poor neighborhoods which make a large percentage of crime in this city . There is no superior or inferior race, but there are inferior and superior character traits and knowing the history of blacks is useless if it can’t help us in the future. The ignorance is frustrating tho I do agree

  • ChrisWilliamsstillwearspanties

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  • mr matt

    live in the south for 39 years and thats all the research anybody needs.you say jealous because you are superior, what kind of dreamland are you living in? its more like feed up because of the ignorance. i dont just see it on the news, i see it EVERYWHERE

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