Women Forced Into Prostitution In Memphis

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(Memphis) Women were beaten, held at gunpoint, forced into prostitution, and made to give up their money, according to police.

A police affidavit revealed one of the victims came to Memphis from Atlanta hoping to be paid for having sex, but when police found her at a hotel near the airport, it turned out she got more than she bargained for.

The Greyhound bus station was the victim's first stop when she arrived in town with the promise of getting paid.

She came here to have sex with Jamin Renfroe.

According to police, Renfroe had something else in mind when he arranged her trip.

The woman was held against her will at gunpoint and forced into prostitution.

"Sex trafficking is quite a big problem here in Tennessee," Rachel Sumner, spokesperson for Restore Corps, said.

The organization aims to put a stop to human trafficking.

Sumner said Shelby County is one of four counties in the state dealing with this problem the most.

"If someone cannot leave the situation that they're in whether it be through fear, through fraud, through coercion, through as you mentioned through this particular case the threat of gunpoint, then it absolutely leads that person to being held in bonds that she cannot break," Sumner explained.

It was a nightmare also for another woman police said Renfroe forced to live in fear for more than six months.

Both women were forced to hand over all of their cash after sex and were beaten several times.

The police affidavit reveals, the women were "fearful of their life when Renfroe pointed the gun at them."

"One of the many ways that a controller, a trafficker, or a pimp controls the women that he's prostituting... is that idea of fear," Sumner said.

According to police, Renfroe did not work alone.

The victims said when Renfroe was not around, Shaquita Beans took over.

Beans' job was to make sure no one got away.

"Some people don't have that much strength in them," Sumner said.

One victim did.

Somehow, she called her family, who led police to the hotel next to the airport.

Renfroe and Beans were arrested and appeared in court on Friday.

They are both being held on a quarter of a million dollars bond.


  • Dr. JohnS

    Rachel Sumner, and your group I applaud you for your efforts to put a stop to this racket. We need to stop slavery in all forms, and I cannot imagine the hell the women went through at the hands of one man.

    Keep up the great work, there are many others who need your groups support and encouragement.

  • Leeboy

    And where is the District Attorney and her office in all of this?
    Seems like more enforcement and penalties could held curb or end this problem. It is shameful for the city be linked to such horrendous crimes. Kidnapping, held hostage, beaten and terrorized and nothing from the
    DA or the Police Director.

  • RBB

    You mean this goes on in Memphis?….Unbelievable how deaf and dumb the authorities are on this issue………what a joke

  • timm

    these pimps feel “justified” because of 400 years of slavery. these are black male thugs whose primary targets are white women with low self esteem. they read the books about pimping (if they can read) and target white women online or at places like bus stations. these women are horribly mistreated, partially as a way to get “whitey” back for slavery.. if this were white men doing this to black women,, it would be on the news non-stop for a week.. these low-lifes need 40 years in prison,, ie “thug college”..

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