Woman Charged After Helena-West Helena Police Find Phony Hundreds

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) A woman is in jail after police say she tried to use a fake hundred dollar bill to by headache powder.

When police in Helena-West Helena caught up with her, they said she had four more bogus hundreds on her.

They're asking businesses to be on the look out for more funny money.

Sharon Denise Durham could probably use something for a headache while she sits in jail in on forgery charges.

Police in Helena-West Helena booked Durham after she used a bogus $100 to buy a box of BC headache powder at a Fred's Dollar Store.

The cashier took the hundred, but called police after she noticed the bill was dis-colored, smaller than usual and had what looked like a $1 symbol still slightly visible on it.

No one knew who Durham was at the time, but a security camera at Fred's revealed a  distinctive tattoo on her arm with the word "baby."

A police officer found the woman at the jewelry counter at the Wal-Mart not far from Fred's.

She had four more bogus bills in her purse, and all five had the same serial number.

Police said this isn't the first time "funny money" has shown up in Helena-West Helena and they're urging businesses to check every large denomination bill carefully.

Mandy Jones, office manager at Hays Grocery Store, unfortunately found that out the hard way.

"How dare you? How could you do something like that?" said Jones.

She said someone slipped a cashier at Hays a phony hundred recently. But she doesn't know if it was Sharon Durham.

"I get a phone call from the bank and they tell me they have a counterfeit hundred, to come and look at it. So we went to the bank and I was like, 'really,' the new hundreds? And I was surprised," said Mandy Jones.

Jones said the bogus bill felt like it was made of paper.

And the purple stripe,  that's supposed to identify a "real" bill...was fake too.

The store ended up $100 short for the day and that left Jones plenty mad at who ever is responsible.

"Get a job. You can have money, instead of going and counterfeiting other people's money," said Jones.

Sharon Durham is in jail on a $25,000 bond.

She'll be in court to face the charges May 5th.





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