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Two Dead, Three Injured In Overnight Shooting At Memphis Gentlemen’s Club

(Memphis) Two people were killed and three others wounded in a shootout early Friday  morning at a biker bar in North Memphis.

Police said after a fight broke out at the Memphis Gentlemen Motorcycle Club on Chelsea, someone pulled out a gun and started shooting and others returned fire.

"It sounded like a war zone," said one witness

A woman, who did not want to be identified, said she watched a man shoot the president of the club after he told the man to get off the property.

"When it was all over, one of my other brothers turned him over he took his last breath and he was gone," said the woman

Police said two men were killed.

Eric Whitaker, 52, was pronounced dead at the scene. Jonathan Tripplet, 26, was taken in critical condition to Regional Medical Center, where he later died.

Three others were treated for gunshot wounds.

Robert Taylor, 35, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

MPD says several others were questioned and released.


  • Chris Williams jr

    Ok I give up. I’m done defending this madness. There’s a serious problem in our community

  • ChrisWilliamsisaBigDummy

    Tony Armstrong dont care. Why should he. Another example
    Of a black running something and it’s a joke.

    • Kevin Lewis

      Are you trying to say that the city of Memphis, founded in 1819 didn’t have it’s first Murder until Armstrong was appointed Police Director in 2011….? Because as far as I know this city has always has a white man as a Police Director.

    • HaterLover

      What you running besides your mouth and those cheap shoes over trying to find a decent job. Yall sure complaint a lot and aint nothing but a keyboardcowboy. I love haters, keep hating!

  • ladybug

    What is Toney Armstrong supposed to do? He is not God, He cannot be everywhere at one time. How does he know when somebody is about to commit a crime? Stop pointing fingers and read your bible.

  • Angry andfedupu don't know.

    So.. Donaknowsitall, did u ever stop to consider that maybe they were innocent bystanders??? Or maybe trying to break up a fight?? You weren’t there so u don’t know . I’m so sick of the labels, these guys had families and friends who are hurting now. Don’t be ignorant.

  • kay

    tony Armstrong cannot prevent a homicide, no police officer can.
    if it happens, it happens, mix alcohol, men/women and tempers
    what do you? a lot of times this is an ego thing, totally. the man does not want to be disrespected. disrespected???? so you pull out a gun and shoot . wow. people leave this town now if possible, it is a sinking ship that will be another Detroit soon.

    • d johnson

      Bro John this is all news reporters have for us today, mostly their first gig with this outlet, they try and stir emotions with no thought of the bias no thought to victims, after all Bro Johns they are just rookies looking to get a name and see how much division they can bring to any community they start off in. Yea things went bad we solve problems not some rookie out of college with BS in journalisim.

  • Kevin Lewis

    Two good people lost their life last night, one of them was the President of the Motorcycle club that owns the establishment and was trying to keep the peace. Who knew they would return and start shooting. I have visited this MC many times and have always had a good time and there have never been any problems there. This MC has been in Memphis a long time and is well respected as a senior MC as well as the work they perform in the community. This is for all the people out there that don’t understand the brother/sisterhood of love and respect we have for all our sisters and brothers on the set and our peaceful way of life. Do understand this…it was an outsider that caused the trouble and later returned like a coward and took the lives of these good brothers and we as a Motorcycle set community are all heartbroken. Please allow us to mourn the loss of our brothers in peace.

    • Diarheesha Jackson

      “Two good people lost their life last night…”

      They’re good now. Ahhhh-heee-heee-heeeeeee!

  • jasmin

    there were not protected strippers. if you dont know what happen i suggest that you shut your mouth. these man were hard working man they were coorection officers the were someones son ,brother,father,cousin,nephew and grandson. Eric was my cousin who did not deserve to die because some punk could not fight like real man do. so do me a favor if you have nothing postive to say shut up

  • Nun of ya Bizz

    U know what that was real wrong and disrepectful of you to say something like that. Those were my Friends who got Shot and killed and I rode Motorcycles with the both. Stop talking if u dont know what happened.

  • donaknowsitall

    So…Nun of ya Bizz, tell us, What DID happen since they were your friends. What were they defending, certainly not their property since I’m pretty sure they didn’t reside there? That’s what happens when people that have guns use the guns – espcially in this place we call Memphis. Guns give people a sense of power, don’t they? Because, oh look guns DO kill.

  • show respect

    They were in the club just like everyone else. Who knew that after the fight those angry people would take their time to come back and start shooting at everyone. Bullets do not pick who to pierce. Those two men that died were closer to the line of fire than the rest. It was not their choice to die. They were defending their life just like the others. Since you have so much knowledge about Memphis crime, why don’t you come up with a master plan and solve this case. Better yet solve all cases since you know what your talking about.

  • icyangelz

    Sit a gun down and I guarantee u it won’t shoot itself. People and their imbalanced emotions are the issue. The plan is working as designed. Create issues amongst people, let them kill themselves or each other, lock em up, move in police AFTER half of the problem is solved and bring in a new set of people to make it look pretty! WATCH WHAT I tell u. I’ve seen it in my own city. GUESS what PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE FFFF UP. death is final and the prison system is nothing more than an animal cage , where ppl are broken down and have zero rights. R.I.p to the ppl who have died THIS WEEK in Memphis. I PRAY THAT BLACK PEOPLE GET IT TOGETHER. WE (HALF OF ME) AS A WHOLE ARE THE ONLYYY race I know that is not united or won’t come together and so much as help the next MF when they see them down and will turn their head when another is starving, yet will take xx amount of dollars to get shiii just for show. Seek peace, love, understanding and wisdom. Difference doesn’t have to mean distance. Respect is not just earned, its a mutual understanding.

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