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Shooting Victim Crashes Into House With Child In Car

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(Memphis) A woman and a baby are recovering after a violent crash.

The woman was driving in the Parkway Village area when she was hit by a bullet and crashed into a home occupied by a sleeping family.

“I seen somebody crash. I heard it and it said ‘doom!”  5 year-old Rodney told us.

“He grabbed me real close, I told him to go to sleep ain't nothing but thunder,” recalled Rodney’s grandmother, Angela Rhodes.

“We just saw lights blinking on and off in our window,” said Rhodes’ 15 year-old daughter, Melody Bradley.

The booming noise and flash of lights weren't from the overnight storm, they were gun shots and a car barreling into the family’s home at Knight Arnold and Danville.

Rhodes called 911.

“911 said ‘tell them to get back in the house, there`s been a shoot-out,” said Rhodes.

The family told us a bullet pierced through the car and struck a woman driving down the street.

Shot in the back, she hopped the curb, tore through a fence and bushes and slammed into the home.

Inside the car during the dangerous ride was a baby girl in the backseat.

“People don't think before they do anything. They could have harmed the baby, and the lady could have been dead,” said Bradley.

Bradley is learning to drive, but says she's going to put her lessons in park.

She fears being shot while driving could happen to anyone.

“It’s exhausting,  I`m terrified right now, I ain't never experienced anything like that,” said Rhodes.

Even though scraps of metal litter the yard and there’s plenty of damage outside the house, inside there's none.

“Everybody was safe in the house, nobody was harmed in the bedroom,” said Rhodes.

We're told the woman driving was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The condition of the baby is unknown, but witnesses say, she wasn’t harmed by a bullet.

Police have not released information on the suspects.


  • ChrisWilliamsisaBigDummy

    She can talk about it but couldn’t have pushed her brake a to keep from crashing into the house. People are a trip.

    • anonymous

      Yes she can talk now! But think about it, if you were driving and and unknown object strikes you and is very painful, would you have thought about hitting brakes? Oh ok then! So keep your stupid comments to yourself! Yes I’m defending her, because she is family! If thus would’ve been your child or sister or mom then you would disagree with what you put out too! Right or wrong? Oh ok yeah! People!,… always gotta speak nonsense at the wrong time!

    • Anonymous

      Chris if you was in that situation you probably couldn’t press the brakes either. So therefore if my cousin was able to she would have so don’t judge her. It could’ve been you in that situation. So therefore be quiet if you don’t know anything. And she will continue to talk. Thank you was your comment.

  • lauran

    Why are you people blaming the police for the crime in Memphis? They are not psychics they only no about things when the call comes in. Instead be thankful for them, when you call they come and are putting their lives on the line for you. Plus, if people stop holding back information maybe then can they catch some of these hoodlums. Direct your anger at the people who supports these thugs and withhold info thats the real problem of this city.

  • ChrisWilliamsisaBigDummy

    Yeah the Police finally get there once you can get thru to 911. Then half of the Police are about stupid. I wouldn’t want their job.

  • Matt D.

    I’d challenge any of you who choose to blame MPD for this crazy crime rate to go to the academy and become an officer! Then you’d see up close what really goes on in this city! But no… you all choose to go for bad behind a keyboard and post that which you have no knowledge of.

    As for the woman who was shot. Again, I’d challenge ANY of you SUPERHUMAN people to be minding your own business, driving down the street and suddenly a bullet rips into you. Please tell me how you would have the utmost calm and control to quickly apply brakes and avoid hitting an object or someone.

    Many people CHOOSE to let their mouth overload their backside, then are tasked with trying to pry a huge foot out of their mouth.

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