Infant Locked In Hot Car, Mom Accused Of Fighting Police

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(Memphis) An infant was locked in a hot car, stuck with no way out.

The child's mom told police she didn't think anything was wrong.

Police said the child was in the back seat all by itself and covered in sweat, all while mom was in the store shopping.

The prices are low inside a discount store on East Raines in Whitehaven, but outside, the temperatures are high.

Jasmine Sikes is a mother and was surprised to hear an infant was left in the car alone.

"On a hot day it's just out of the question," Sikes said.

It was not out of the question for Brittany Isom.

She was inside the store when police pulled up.

When they asked her to get her child out of the 90-degree weather, police said Isom went crazy.

Officers said she was seen yelling, screaming, and cussing at them.

"They taking you in for leaving your child in the car.... they could've been reasonable... gave you a citation or a warning or anything," Sikes said.

According to the police affidavit, Isom told police "she will go out there when she's done."

"It sounds ridiculous to me," Sikes said.

When police tried to arrest Isom, they said she began punching them and ripping the radio from one of their uniforms.

"You can't leave your child in the car just for no reason. Anything can happen," Sikes explained.

Isom told police she could see her kid through the window even though it was covered in posters and ads.

"It's not right," Sikes said.  "It's like you neglecting your child."

Isom was booked in jail and is out on bond.

"This is a lesson learned," Sikes said. "For future references, no more leaving in the car. Take your baby out the car."

The child was picked up by it's grandmother, and Isom was released on $100 bond.


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