Groups Get Together To Clean Up Memphis

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(Memphis) Some Lipscomb & Pitts employees used their Friday to make a difference in Memphis.

They grabbed trash bags and walked streets picking up trash and litter near the train tracks and under the Union Ave bridge on Union Extended.

Memphis was once known for being a very clean city, sadly that has changed over the years.

Some Memphians are hoping to change that by getting people involved in cleaning up the city.

Mayor A C Wharton hopes ‘Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup 2014,’ will be the city’s largest cleanup ever.

The event, aimed at fighting blight and beautifying Memphis, will take place April 25-27 at sites throughout the city.

This widespread collaborative effort involves the mayor’s office, Memphis City Beautiful, and a host of business, community and faith-based organizations.

To out more about ‘Faith in Action Memphis Cleanup,’ or to register for service projects, visit


  • Thomas H. Evans

    What about starting in front of 125 North Main Street? The Mayor should be ashamed of himself for allowing the downtown area to get in the shape it’s in, and it’s right under his nose. I applaud the people who give of their time in these neighborhoods in order to clean up our city, but we need more from our mayor and the city council who should care more than anyone about cleaning up this filthy city. Maybe things will get better after elections next year, at least I am hoping!

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