Family Says Couple’s Murders Were Staged To Look Like A Robbery Gone Bad

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(Memphis) Family members of two people found dead in their Orange Mound home believe the murders were staged to look like a robbery gone bad.

The couple's 7-year-old daughter woke up Thursday to find James and Danielle Alexander shot to death in their living room.

Police and family are trying to piece this tragic puzzle together.

Two big leads have emerged: A fight Danielle was involved with and posted to her Facebook page, and someone the couple was helping who stayed at their home the night of the murders.

Now, the family tells WREG they think both theories are connected to the murders.

"She went to her page and said, 'It's OK. It doesn't matter. You all will be dead in the morning.' And sure enough, my sister and my brother-in-law were killed."

Anquinette Chambers said that Facebook message was posted by a girl her sister, Danielle Alexander, beat up last week.

The fight was captured on video, and Danielle posted it to her page.

Chambers said there is no doubt in her mind the fight and more is connected to the murders.

"I think it was retaliation," she said.

She said she believes a person staying with James and Danielle at the time of the murder is connected to the fight video.

She said whoever did this knew the Alexanders well enough to make their killings look like a robbery.

"They took everything from the house, all of the electronics...TVs, radio."

Chambers said the person also took surveillance cameras outside the couple's house and a spare set of keys.

The couple's 4 young children were still inside when their parents were shot.

"Whoever did it locked them in the house with two people that were dead," Chambers said through tears.

Family said now all they can do is wait for answers and justice.

"You're not going to be able to run," Chambers said. "You have a conscience. Everybody has a conscience, and your conscience is going to haunt you for the rest of your life."

There are still no suspects in the case.

All four children are safe and in the family's custody.


  • tekela

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  • wesley maclin

    My heart hurts…. that didnt have to happen. That was a beautiful the person who did this you going to hell. I pray they find you, lord please watch over those kids and the family peace and love

  • Jennifer Hicks

    I know how the family feel I just lost my big sister in February and it’s still hurting me but god has us under his wings my I will pray for this family my sister also had children so sorry to hear about this sad news

  • Anthony Moering

    Let’s not put a face on the Devil, for his job is to Steal, Kill and Destroy. Lets pray for the kids left without their parents. #Emmanuel

  • bjguy

    I had the pleasure of working with James he was the mowt polite young man in he building.I never met his wife (girlfriend at that time) but I felt as though I knew her also.He always talked about her and his children.The other youmg men wanted all the guys to go out one weekend that we were off and he told them that the money he would spend going out could buy his children more clothes and shoes he said Im a family man and my family comes first.I was so amazed at a young man having the right attitude.He always was at work on time and stayed late almost everyday he wanted to save money to get married and I see they did He qlways opened the door for you and always yes mam and yes sir.He would get his work caught up and would help anyone that needed it he always wore a big smile and when he talked about his family he would light up .He was a good and respectable young man and I know they will miss him but Heaven has a place for him.The family are in our prayers.

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    Prayers to your god, ha…How are those prayers working out for you? Did the easter bunny bring you lots of candy as well?

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