College Enrollment Dropping

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(Washington, D.C.) Graduation is coming up soon for many people, but new numbers show college enrollment is actually dropping.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that out of the graduating class of 2013, about 66% of them went on to college.

That’s the lowest college enrollment rate since 2006.

Experts say it could be because of the improving economy or the high cost of college.


    • Dr. JohnS

      May I ask where you went to school? My guess is you did not fare so well in English class from reading your post.

    • Nonya Bidness

      Well educated young men and women are in high demand, they are hiring them left and right at the major employers of Shelby County but it just so happens that they are all Indian because the spoiled little brats of America think the world owes them a job so they are unfamiliar with hard work.

  • Ben Smith

    The improving economy? Really,that is grasping for straws. The high cost of tuition and the lack of jobs afterwards are the real reasons. The return on investment isn’t there,not to mention student loans that will follow you for life until paid in full. Financially, learning a skilled trade through an apprenticeship or similar would be a better investment. At the very least,young adults would have a tangible skill when entering the marketplace.Plumbing,welding,or pipe fitting may not be the sexiest of job opportunities. Yet they offer a young person a trade and skill which is marketable.

  • 4Q2

    Just learn how to do something with a ball then you’ll get all the free rides you want and not have to go to class or take tests,shoot you don’t even have to know how to read if your on an athletic scholarship!

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