School Served Mountain Dew To Students Before Testing

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(Melbourne, FL) A Florida school principal has been told to stop serving Mountain Dew to students before they take standardized tests.

Creel Elementary School has been serving students trail mix and three teaspoons of Mountain Dew each day before administering the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test each day.

A grandmother alerted media of the practice and administrators from Brevard Public Schools told Principal Kathryn Eward to stop the practice.

According to News 13, Eward said she started serving the sugary, caffeinated drink 10 years after reading in an educational journal that it had positive impacts.

“We don’t think we were giving them enough to really get into” negative impacts of sugar highs and lows, Eward said. “We’ve done it for years. The kids look forward to the treats.”

One problem with the practice is Florida state law prevents schools from selling soda.

A grandmother contacted local media about the practice, drawing the attention of administrators from Brevard Public schools.

Students will now receive water and trail mix.


  • bmwjen

    Yeah grandma, those 3 teaspoons are gonna be bad for those little kids. I hope you get your house TP’ed for years to come.

  • mikep3

    Do like I did. Drink coffee with some cream and sugar in it. I started drinking it when I was 3 and have been drinking it ever sense. You still get the positive effects of caffeine and sugar, and you don’t have the negatives of violating the law by drinking “soda”.

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