Family Has Theories On Deaths Of Couple Found By Child

(Orange Mound) Police have several leads in the deaths of a Memphis couple found shot in their home.

James and Danielle Alexander’s 7-year-old daughter woke up Thursday morning to go to school, found their bodies in the living room and called 911.

She then rounded up her brothers and sisters, all younger than 5-years-old, and waited for police.

Family members told WREG one of those leads stems from Danielle Alexander helping a stranger who was at the couple’s home Wednesday night.

The family said police are also looking into a fight Danielle Alexander was involved in just a week ago.

The whole thing was caught on video, and Alexander posted it to her own Facebook page.

Looking at video of the fight, family members confirm she is the girl wearing the pink shirt beating another woman for more then two minutes.

They think the fight and taunting posts on Alexander’s Facebook page could be the reason she and her husband are now dead.

“Danielle had an altercation,” said her aunt, Lydia Babb. “I know it happened over a week ago and wasn’t very positive for the other person. We know this is retaliation.”

“At first I thought it was the fight,” said Dejuana England, Danielle Alexander’s mother. “And found out no, it wasn’t. It was something else.”

England said the family let a man from the neighborhood stay at their home while he tried to get his life together.

He was the last person to see the couple before they were killed.

“He knew them,” said England. ” He had his plan. He knew what to do, because he took everything.”

England said he even took the security camera footage and a set of house keys.

“The police had to break in after the 911 call to get the children,” said Danielle Alexander’s aunt, Nita Daughtery.

James and Danielle Alexander were just married in February and were high school sweethearts.

While family said the couple had been in trouble before, the two were ultimately good parents and good people.

They just joined a church.

“She was the glue, and he was the wood. They just stuck closer than that,” said Babb. “They lost their momma and daddy in this mess.”

Investigators spend the day trying to find out if the little ones heard or saw anything. England hopes to finally see them tonight.

“I am going to hug them, tell them I love them, and tell them I am here for them,” said England.

Police have released little information and as of now, do not have a suspect.

Regardless of whether last week’s fight triggered the murders, family members told WREG they do not want revenge.

They just want the violence to end.

“Taking someone else’s life and leaving four kids without a mother and father is not the solution,” Babb insisted.

A candlelight vigil will be held 7 p.m. on Friday in front of the home on Enterprise.


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