Updated: Parents Found Dead By Child

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(Memphis) A girl called police Wednesday morning after finding her parents shot to death inside their home in the 2600 block of Enterprise.

The 7-year-old girl called police around 7:00 a.m. to say she woke up to find her parents shot.

There were three other children in the home ages 2,4,5.

Memphis Police confirm a man and woman were found dead.

Family members told our Melissa Moon the victims are Danielle and James Alexander.

Those same family members say there has been an issue between the couple and someone else and they think that led to the couple's deaths.

The names of those involved have not been released.

Neighbors tell News Channel 3 the couple has several children and that all of them are very young.

A friend of the family told us they spoke with the couple around 10:00 p.m. and everything seemed normal at that time.

Police are not saying if they are looking for suspects.

We are told there were no signs of forced entry..

Officers were seen focusing on the area around the house looking for evidence.



  • mr. matt

    what a hopeless nightmare we live here everyday. it is so sad these kids that do not stand a chance in life grow immune to the chaos and become violent themselves. anybody got answers besides og frank gotti?

  • Malissa Patterson

    Who are these people gary henderson? Black people OR Crazy people? This is a sad event that is happening everywhere, among whites, blacks, and every other race. We all need to pray for each other and the safety of our children.

    • gary henderson

      You are right we need to pray for all these kids white and black who are going through this kind of hell as a kid , this will affect these kids the rest of their life and I will be praying for them .

    • Kayla

      why does it have to be black people or crazy people, why couldn’t you leave that part out? why does it always have to be black people? and you guys wonder why black people act the way they act or why they don’t like anyone. folks like you need to think before you say anything. its never right to put a race or color out there. just say crazy people, this really bothers me that folks like you don’t think yet you want peace in this world, GTFOH!

    • Regina Schaeffer

      I totally agree that we should stay prayed up. I am only 21. My mom past when I was only 2 my grandma and a couple of others help raise me. My grandma and grandpa both pass when I was 5. I been in Foster care. I been through ALOT BUT FOR SOMEONE TO BE SO HEARTLESS AND KILL NOT JUST MOM BUT MOM AND DAD? IM PRETTY SURE WHOEVER DID THIS KNEW THAT THOSE PEOPLE LIFE THEY ARE TAKING AWAY HAVE BEAUTIFUL KIDS THAT NEED THEM. ITS NOTHING LIKE HAVING YOUR PARENTS GONE AND HAVING NO ONE REALLY TO TO COME TO. I JUST PRAY TO GOD WHOEVER DID THIS BE FOUGHT AND THAT THOSE KIDS KEEP THERE HEAD UP, THERE YOUNG NOW BUT ONCE THEY BECOME OLDER, I KNOW ITS GOING TO GET TO THEM, I PRAY THAT THE LORD BE WITH THEM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, I ALSO PRAY THAT THE LORD HEAR THERE CRY AND TOUCH THEM WHERE THEY HURT AND MAKE KNOWN WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO ONE YOU ALWAYS HAVE JESUS. I PRAY THAT NOT JUST THAT NEIGHBORHOOD BUT THE WHOLE MEMPHIS TN BECOMES STRONGER, STOP HURTING EACH OTHER AND COMFORT EACHOTHER, STOP DESTROYING THE WORLD AND START BUILDING THE WORLD. We are all suppose to be a TEAM. Martain LUTHER King fought for our FREEDOM and for peace, instead of that we are killing EACHOTHER…….. If I could I will speak up on television, in the newspaper, anywhere I can grab attention, on the radio and speak my mind. Because we are only hurting each other not helping. I will like to help, I don’t care if I have to do it one neighborhood at a time.!

      • Sandra

        God bless you sweetheart!! You have overcome much grief and now have something precious to give others going through that sort of thing. God has something special planned for you. Just stay focused and be ready to hear Him when He calls you…

      • JoMae

        I grew up in and out of foster care and group homes. Don’t let it define you sweetheart. Use it to make yourself stronger and to make a difference in someone elses life. I know this worlds a scary place when you have no one aand no home to go to. If you ever need to talk feel free to email or message me.

  • JMichelle

    Its so sad how people go straight to the race card. The problem is poor parenting in this already dangerous society. Violence has no color and the sooner people understand that the better. Pray for these children who are without their parents. Pray or better yet get involved in finding solutions for these crimes instead of worrying about “black people”. My heart is with this family.

    • JLS

      I agree. I have a hard time believing no one heard a sound of two gun shots. The kids? The neighbors? Unless they used a silencer. But even then, there had to be a struggle?????

  • dave

    The problem is cultural, not racial, but because the majority of crime in shelby county is carried out by black americans, many people assume it is race related. I just feel sorry for the blk americans in memphis that are good people. My advice to you would be to get out of this city, your fellow black americans are giving you a bad name.

  • Traci Kornhauser-Jones

    I agree it is a cultural problem, but also an environment problem. Unfortunately people are always going to play the race and culture card because that is what they know. It is up to the rest of us to try and teach those individuals who learn from his/her environment that race is not the answer nor the problem when it comes to the crimes that take place. Its sad, but an area with predominate ethnicity/religion/culture of any kind is always going to be the blame. Every news story seems to turn to this and I am so sick of it. Why not focus on the story itself? A young girl and her siblings lost their parents. Who cares about the race of them or who did it. It does not make a difference and doesn’t make the news less heartbreaking nor acceptable. Thoughts and prayers for the family>

  • DoSomeResearch

    The problem is not black people, its unwed mothers having fatherless children. Any area of the country (regardless of race) where you have a lot of unmarried women with children, you will have crime, like night follows day.

    Children NEED fathers. Not $perm donors or babies dadies. They need fathers.

    Both sides are to blame. $lutty women who give it up to anyone that walks by them and men who will not commit to be married.

    • Ms.Jones

      So let’s iradicate all single mothers, and then crime will cease? Well sir, I nominate you for the next President of the United States!! How could we have ever guessed that you, a local Memphian, would have the answer to all of the world’s ills??? Somebody get this man to the nation’s capital hastily!

    • Nitemare Walker

      Really? Is that what happened with the mafia? White unwed Italians that had fatherless children? While fatherless kids is a bad situation, it does not explain the whole situation. Like the mafia, it all has to do with the economics, culture, and environment. A subset of the community along with the Irish cast aside as have-nots and left to fend for themselves. Do you ever wonder why the mob icon Scarface has been so popular with black thugs? Apparently, they are mimicking what others have already invented. Poverty, crime, and inequality does not only happen to colored folk. The mafia is a good example.

      • For Real

        The mafia is an ignorant example. It is human nature to be greedy and with greed comes crime. There is very little crime in Japan today because they build their homes on family values. There are no family values taught in a house that has no real family. You are correct about it being based on culture and the census in Memphis hoods is superiority. What better way to display that than to flirt, go unprotected and walk away with zero responsibility? Fix that and I guarantee you the local news sources around here would have very little to report on.

    • For Real

      Bingo. When kids have kids and those kids grow up without a dad, there is very little authority in the home. I’ve never heard the phrase “Just wait until your mother finds out”.

    • toomuchlaundry

      I concur, although I’d like to add that government that rewards single parent homes with welfare and denies welfare to those who wed is to blame too.

    • 20122014

      Where in there did it say anything about this woman, being slutty or unwed or anything else? WOW The article did state that the girl found her parents, so that means her mother and father. People are so quick to judge, when none of what you stated in your comment had to do with anything in the article. The bottom line is a young girl had to find her parents shot to death, that’s a tragedy itself.

    • Ms.Jones

      Of course, you silly horse. No need for me to wonder, as I am a single woman with no children. Ain’t life grand?

    • Chris

      I dont think its cause of fatherless kids i grew up and was raised ny my mom and she did it all alone and i didnt grow up to be a killer

    • icyangelz

      @dosomeresearch what does slutty anything have to do with anything? If a girl is or seems slutty then DOSOMERESEARCH and I bet u there is one if not all of the following NO MOTHER OR ESP FATHER, IMPROPER GUIDANCE, RAPED OR MOLESTED, NOT SHOWN LOVE AND RESPECT FOR SELF…the list could go on. I wouldn’t expect you to pass a calculus test, if you, were only taught addition. So, since society apparently isn’t fixing itself , PLEASE for me, the world and the change u want to see, if you see a so called SLUT tell her she is better than that!!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Man oh man….ch 5 states the little.girl only 7 yrs old…..wise beyond her years and the weight of the world.on such little shoulders. Other kids in house 2,4 and 5! To wake up and find both parents shot and killed in bed. Gpd bless her little heart! Just a baby!

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Yes it is oh so very sad. That poor baby is going to have nightmares about this for a very long time :(

  • Tee

    This poor child I can only imagine what she’s going through. I just hope there’s family support that can take all the children in so they won’t become subjects of the system…… My second point here white people are always blaming the problem on blacks white crimes are hidden and not made public….suburban children are killing themselves by self medicating overdosing on meth and heroin… It’s a cultural problem no one race is exempt from the stupidity…

    • observer

      You might not like it but the truth doesn’t care what you like. We all know who commits 95% of the violent crime in this city. It ain’t the suburban white kids either. You might not like the fact that this violence is coming from within your community, but it is and turning a blind eye or wanting to blame surburbia just shows that you’re not serious about fixing the issues, just looking to place blame on people other than your own corrupt community.


    What married woman with 4kids goes out into the street to fight like a wild animal….all those kids at her age???????? the news makes these ppl look like good ppl………????????????????

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      Terminus, your last sentence is very uncalled for…”the news makes these ppl look like good ppl”….very disrespectful!!! I didnt know them….DID U??!

      • For Real

        Someone needs to watch the fight video. The woman killed was not much of an upstanding citizen. Not saying it justifies her death whatsoever but the media is painting this couple as innocent when they where just as trashy as their neighbors.

      • *TERMINUS*

        No i didnt, but i did see a mother with several Kids on video fighting in the street like high-school girl…& several post on her fb page bragging about it….

      • *TERMINUS*

        @ For Real….i see someone has sense enough to see pass what the news is posting..Thanks…They were just as ghetto as the ppl she beat up on…

  • lady v

    this is not about race its about those babies that wont have their parents cause of something stupid an if yall want 2 take it there white men kill their whole family an the mothers kill their kids jus cause they cant handle them an they only have 1 or 2 but the news dont show that often but its happening everyday with a lot of whites so get over the race these kids need much prayer an support from us all

    • *TERMINUS*

      I dont think she was concerned about her kids….they maybe in better care with the state than her….Dosent look much like a suitable mother…

  • Tee

    You ever notice when there is a crime or death that is committed by a white individual there are virtually no negative comments about race what so ever because white people crimes are not reported or excused.. Secondly entitlement there are more white people on welfare than any other race .. White is the majority in this country but how politics and society works they just know blame it on the color folk… This family is going through a difficult time and all white people can say is oh it’s because their black is why this happend to them because this can’t happen to us and if it does were just gonna sweep it under the rug because that’s what we do… And go be judgemental to the next race…

    • For Real

      What a stupid comment. The gorillas in the fight video have shown the world that the black race continues to live in their own worlds of denial. Sounds like you are, too.

  • jcathyc

    Oh my God enough to leave behind children but young one finding both her parents. Wake up stop cutting everything and raising taxes Memphis. Find a way to get money other ways. When you take away something that is needed people pick up something that is not needed or wanted

  • ChrisWilliamsisaBigDummy

    Tee, you don’t get on here and read much do you? Chris”Big Dummy” Williams and Snowbeast is always saying something wether it’s a white crime or not. They are always trying to find something to offset all the black crime. Read more before you speak and you will have different thoughts.

  • huggie pacino

    Shame on you if you are a tax paying citizen with children, and dont have a gun and license to carry, this situation couldve been prevented if they had a handgun….especially in that terrible neighborhood

    • For Real

      The issue could have been prevented if the woman didn’t post a video on her FB page of her fighting another woman. What a great mother she was. Furthermore, the entire situation could have been prevented if the parents actually cared about their kids and raised them in a better neighborhood.

  • whitesavagesstink

    You whites speak of violence? We all know there has been no bigger bringer of violence throughout history than whites. And no bigger liar like chriswilliamsisabigdummy. Prove me wrong

  • sherrell fowlkes

    This is sum bull blacks need to stop the madness among each
    other just sad to say those beautiful kids lost both of there person do to a fright may they rip just sad tears….

  • sherrell fowlkes

    This is sum bull blacks need to stop the madness among each
    other just sad to say those beautiful kids lost both of there person do to a fight may they rip just sad tears….

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