Bartlett Approves New Attendance Zones, Freshman Academy

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(Bartlett, TN) Bartlett City Schools has approved new attendance zones and a new freshman academy at Shadowlawn Middle.

Out of several zoning options, plan 'C' was selected for the elementary schools, putting more students at Rivercrest.

The idea for a freshman academy came about because there were too many students expected to attend Bartlett High in the fall.

Moving Freshman to Shadowlawn, which had lots of space, helps keep class sizes low at Bartlett High.

The board said although they had received some negative feedback about the academy on social media, many of those comments came from the same people.

Few opponents showed up at the meeting tonight.


  • Educator and Mom

    The Freshman Academy will be for “Freshmen” only; hence the name. Shadowlawn is currently a middle school, but will be converted to a high school. Shadowlawn’s students will now attend other Bartlett middle schools. The only students allowed to attend the Freshmen Academy will be 9th grade Bartlett residents.

    Unfortunately, Shadowlawn has a bad reputation, however, it is not a ‘cruddy school.’

  • Aha!

    I am just amazed at some of you. You have been given a gift by being allowed to have your own school system. I could be facing the same in Collierville with my youngest child. I for one will gladly accept a Freshman Academy over staying with SCS which is really the old MCS. Live with it or find another city to live in. Apparently, nothing makes some of you happy.

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